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Where to put cccam.cfg file

Discussion in 'Zgemma Star H.S' started by leaky_joe, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. leaky_joe

    leaky_joe Member

    Hi, sorry if this is a daft question, but I have had my cccam.cfg file in usr/keys directory and apart from the occasional freezing, haven't really had a problem.

    However, I set a box up for my son and he was told by his line supplier that in the zgemma he needed to have it in both the usr/keys AND etc directory.

    Could anyone give me a definitive answer as a search on here only gives either etc OR usr/keys directory ?
  2. linesman66

    linesman66 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    When you select usr then keys your line should identify in the key section

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  3. mbath

    mbath TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Depends if you are running VIX or OpenATV. Openatv it goes in usr/keys and /etc folder on vix
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  4. leaky_joe

    leaky_joe Member

    ah right . I'm on open ATV

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