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XTREAM question for zgemma h2s iptv epg menu

Discussion in 'Slingbox' started by GJH, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. GJH

    GJH Member

    HI guys

    quick question for you all, i have wooshbuild 6 - zgemma h2s - and iptv all running no problems, but my question relates to the following

    have the sly menu for freesat - and xtream running iptv and vod - no problems - my question is - is it possible to integrate the xtream to the sly, instead of switching between the 2 - my iptv provider provides basic epg on the xtream side, and they are excellent provider and never had one issue with them but they dont provide integrated menu from one spot for their service, but i have seen on woosh add ons such as add iptv plug in to your bouquets, which requires user name/pass - so assume that that plug in is for a specific provider, and i was wondering if anyone has, or has found one that can pull and read from the iptv bouquet direct onto the sly menu on woosh 6 so you can view all from the same spot without flicking over to xtream.

    ps woosh 6 hats off on that platform - excellent


  2. BeakyFord

    BeakyFord TK Veteran

    are you asking for you iptv & your free sat to be shown in catagories?
    If so this is normal, I have fta 1st then the IPTV bouquets follow...sports/movies/news etc... I also add the xcplugin so that IPTV can be opened directly from the menu in the event that the boquets vanish (this hasnt happened for ages). IF this is what you are wanting to do I use AutoBouquetsMaker to setup my bouquets but I think WBv6 uses AutobouquetsE2
  3. teddybloat

    teddybloat Member

    if you are willing to pay a small annual fee [£12 i think] then you can use xtream editor to make an epg for your zgemma.

    some providers do this for you, but if yours doesnt then you this is a very good solution.

    you need to request the m3u address from your provider and then spend 30-60mins setting up, from then on your iptv will have an epg will be incorporated into your bouquets

    setting the box up xtream editor in wooshbuild is detailed here

    the only thing in addition to this guide that you need is to set up an xtream-editor.com standard subscription and assign your epg's


    i use this option as my provider only had the xtreamtv plugin. its worth asking if he has xtream-editor epg support. if not then with a bit of DIY you can set up a really nice EPG
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  4. teddybloat

    teddybloat Member

    also i wrote a very brief and basic guide for a mate on loading your m3u and assigning epg's on xtream editor, if you or anyone else wants a copy just PM me
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