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Zegemma H2H virgin signal loss

Discussion in 'Zgemma Star H.2H' started by craigrac, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. craigrac

    craigrac Member

    hi there, my h2h virgin tuner has been working perfectly for about 18 months, flashed various images etc with no bother, got up sat morning and no signal showing for tuner b for virgin, was watching sky sports on friday night as usual. not touched anything since.
    tuner a for sky is fine, restarted box and checked cable right up to box outside and all ok.
    my virgin broadband is working perfect, tried flashing a backup from another image and still the same, zero signal showing in signal finder menu.
    any ideas guys?
    thanks in advance.....
  2. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Have you tried a different cable from the router to the box?
    Different cable from splitter to the box?
  3. craigrac

    craigrac Member

    No not yet, can't see it being that but il connect it to the upstairs socket tomorrow and try it, it used to work upstairs on that socket before.
    I suspect the tuner has failed, it always says 29% signal with the ipab image but now says 0% and won't find anything when you scan frequency
  4. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    But wouldn't reflashing the new image have cured the tuner problem?
  5. ste

    ste TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    I'd try checking cables / connections / splitters etc.
  6. johntot49

    johntot49 Member Forum Supporter

  7. Scottedwards

    Scottedwards Member

    The same thing happened to me on the same day. did you manage to sort out the issue?
  8. RustyMG

    RustyMG TK Veteran

  9. markyar

    markyar Member

    Hi Guys....just happened to me yesterday....all okay day before then dead ! Can receive FTA Channels but nothing else.
    Did you ever get things up and running again... Just wondering if they have started to cut the signal to dormant feeds ?
  10. adrilang

    adrilang Member

    If you’re getting FTA channels it’s likely your supplier is not long “supplying” you?
    If the tuner has failed, flashing another image wouldn’t fix it
  11. Scottedwards

    Scottedwards Member

    Still without signal, tried most things including a booster and not working as yet, i'm having VM install broadband and basic TV at the end of December. this with confirm if the feed had been cut.

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