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IP Checker 003

Plugin to check the external IP Address of your box.

  1. dsayers2014
    IP checker can be used to check the external IP Adress of your box, this can be used to check if your VPN is working as the external IP Address should change when turning OpenVPN on and off.

    FTP the ipk to tmp

    to install it on box

    Menu... setup... software management... install local extension
    Press ok on the package
    press green to install.

    Menu > setup > VIX > Iplkg install or install loca extenrions
    Press ok on the package
    press green to install.

    Press Menu, plugins and you should see IP Checker press ok on the plugin and it should run a simple IP check script

    You should get something like this I have removed part of my IP address

    IP Checker.jpg

    When testing for VPN turn VPN off run the plugin and take note of the IP Address then turn VPN on and run the plugin. If VPN has been setup correctly IP Address should change.

Recent Reviews

  1. Willo3092
    Version: 001
    Nice easy way to check your external IP address - works great!