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Anyone recommend a good satellite server - March/April

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by wheelo, Mar 3, 2017.

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  1. jimnev

    jimnev Member

    Looking for a new line for my h2s box 12 months with all sky sports and bt
  2. steve1982

    steve1982 Member

    Morning need a reliable 12 months Ccam for V8s open box capable of receiving sly Ireland and UK, thanks
  3. toeknee

    toeknee Member

    hi im looking for a reliable line for v9s for uk thanks
  4. wickzter

    wickzter Member

    Looking for a reliable UK line for v5s with trial - Thanks.
  5. jaywa1984

    jaywa1984 Member

    Looking for a decent cline or line (don't know which is better), for uk satellite channels. I have a zgemma 2s . thanks
  6. deetee1981

    deetee1981 Member

    Hi my cline on my h2s for sly has went down looking for a new one ccam. Looking for tria first from today if ok. UK

  7. mark25970

    mark25970 Member

    Can someone recommend a good virgin line for zgemma h2h running bioheads image thanks
  8. turc1sh

    turc1sh Member

    would really appreciate any help regarding this i bought a zgemma h.2s for my mother in law which supposedly had a gift preinstalled (did not) i am brand new to the scene so not sure how to go about this. i am looking to aquire a test line so i can figure things out and get myself up to speed. if all works out i will be purchasing another two boxes for myself and subscriptions. thanks for any help
  9. StezJ

    StezJ Member

    Hi ,
    Looking for a new non glitch nline for H2S , 1 twin tuner & 1 single. UK & Ireland . Test line appreciated, preferably 48Hrs. Thnx
  10. althegog

    althegog Member

    Have a V8s looking for N line as my current one has died and can't get hold of my provider. So need a reliable provider. Trial wanted first . thanks
  11. Cakeboss76

    Cakeboss76 Member

    Hi, anyone recommend a server for open box V8? Using cccam for U.K. use, currently have 6 boxes going within the family and existing server has just cut all 6 separate accounts within less than 12 months even though paid for 24! No reply from them any longer, so guess we're screwed! Anyone know a trustworthy source that won't just take our cash and run? Any help much appreciated, thanks.
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  12. grant867

    grant867 Member

    Need about 5-10 subscriptions after being ripped off by Dillyp70. Unfortunately I purchased for friends also. Need test line and be able to pay PayPal (not family and friends after my last experience) for v8s UK n line
  13. Smed

    Smed Member

    Looking for a n line, UK
    zgemmah2s running whooshbuild
    Test line required first to check stability
  14. walkered

    walkered Member

    I have a Zgemma Star 2S, was running a mgcamd for UK & Ireland Sly with no issues up until Friday 14 April and all premium channels have been black since.

    Cannot get hold of my provider so looking for stable test line first of all. If it works well, I have 2 boxes I'll need lines for.

  15. figga75

    figga75 Member

    Hi, I'm looking for either a c or n line for UK with test if possible.
    Have a vu+ Solo2.
  16. RazvanXob

    RazvanXob Member

    Hello. I need a new uk cline for my openbox v8s. I moved and i had to install a new sat dish but when i tried to add the old cccam setting it shows offline. I tried reboot the box the router but nothing changed. Now i'm looking to buy a new line but i'll need a test line first to see if it's working. Thanks.
  17. grinchyboy

    grinchyboy Member

    Looking for a test line for a mate who is not technically minded
  18. Erodub

    Erodub Member

    I am looking a reliable supplier of a C or N line for use on my Zgemma H.2S in the UK.
    It must allow me to view Sky and BT.

    Thank you.
  19. Yeoldcelt

    Yeoldcelt Member

    Looking for a stable N Line for Slyk

  20. stran20

    stran20 Member

    Looking for trial

    C line


    Blade box

    Preferably already in .cfg format
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