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Blade 5000S NEO

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM5000s' started by Mawdsk, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Korboe

    Korboe Member

    I tried to flash my new 5000s neo with the firmware on this page but i get "file too small" message.
    Any ideas plssssss?
  2. cdcrossy

    cdcrossy Member

    Did u unzip it

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  3. Korboe

    Korboe Member

    I don't think I did.
    I'm using a Mac Book air and I can't find any options of unzipping a file. Any chance I can get an unzipped file? I'm very rubbish with these stuffs lol.
  4. cdcrossy

    cdcrossy Member

    Just google unzip on osx

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    COLMAC Member

    is this what i need for the neo?? TIA..
  6. cdcrossy

    cdcrossy Member


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  7. ajmonaghan

    ajmonaghan Member

    thats not the july 2016 i updated it and says sept 14 mate :(
  8. cdcrossy

    cdcrossy Member

    The file i uploaded is the one u need for the 9991 menu

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  9. rock

    rock Member

    need 2 bm 5000 neo with firmware instaled.anyone help.thanks
  10. salfordmb

    salfordmb Member

    Anyone help, Ive added the firmware but I cant get the config file to load, any links to these please?
  11. rhinoranger

    rhinoranger Member

    hello, i have just bought the blade neo and loaded the firmware you posted but still no 9991 option,could you please help,thanks
  12. rhinoranger

    rhinoranger Member

    hello.i loaded that same firmware yesterday and could not get the 9991 menu,BUT i have just this minute sussed out if the MENU button is pressed before entering 9991 the server details appear,("menu THEN 9991") the server stuff appears,i have a blade combo and a blade 7000s and 7000Combo before that so i was always going for 9991 input straightaway,i cannot believe it was that simple, i hope it will save somebodys head being done in,thanks
  13. Js1990

    Js1990 Member

    Could you please share how to install this?

  14. JimHull

    JimHull Member

  15. booberella

    booberella Member

    Hi Chaps. Can anybody please confirm whether this firmware is indeed a 2016 version that includes the 9991 mod? And if so, what improvements does it have over the now ancient September 2014 fw?
  16. JLEADY

    JLEADY Member

    Thanks cdcrossy:hurray: I'll give it a go
  17. islam_h

    islam_h Member

    Thanks for this.
  18. viva14

    viva14 Member

    does cdcrossy thread with firmware also okay for original bm5000s
  19. dmanta

    dmanta Member

    Hi I have got a BM5000S Neo with May 2016 firmware. I am unable to flash any of the firmware. Can anyone please let me know what to do?
  20. rhinoranger

    rhinoranger Member

    put the firmware on a usb stick,format the usb stick before you put the firmware on the usb,insert the usb into the blade neo,you will then need to look in the menus on the neo and look for external device,update ect,when you find the usb update menu you wil see something like ("usb root") when you see that scroll down and the firmware should appear on the right side of the screen and then scroll right the firmware should then be highlighted then press the ok button on remote the blade neo should then update