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Channels glitching oscam

Discussion in 'Vu+ UNO Support' started by returnofjim, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. jimmyinit

    jimmyinit Member

    Any chance I can get a copy of the files also?
  2. soundreaper

    soundreaper Member

    could someone put me out of my misery and let me know wabby69's secret
  3. maionline

    maionline Member

    With his help I put together this guide

    For some strange reason mine worked a lot better using my line in the form of a c line instead of an n line. Some suppliers can’t change this though
  4. soundreaper

    soundreaper Member

  5. fether

    fether Member

    hi pal could you give me you server setting so i can stop glitching on my mutant please??

    kind regards

  6. returnofjim

    returnofjim Member

    The settings never fully cured the problem for me. U ended up selling the vu+ and going back to zgemma. Not had a problem since.