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dsayers2014 openatv image for the H.2H with one set of bouquets

Discussion in 'Zgemma Star H.2H' started by dsayers2014, Aug 9, 2016.

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  1. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    Openatv 5.3 for the zgemma H2.H with Kiddacs VSkin HD with slyk1hd set it as your skin
    And mgcamd1.38 and cccam2.30 with setup guide

    ATV6 image here

    this backup has been set to generate one set of bouquets by replacing the non available
    sky hd channels with vm hd channels so the channel numbers will be the same as sky 106 sky 1hd and 107 is sky living hd



    EPG Tabs on the Vskin HD
    alternate channel numbers so SNP Picons can be used
    script to download the providers files weekly
    script to download the custommix weekly
    Iptvplayer icons tweaked to remove the foreign plugins thanks to benijofar
    Chabs SkyQ skin downloadable via download plugins-skins
    Picons added to download picon
    Chabs SkyQ picons downloadable via download plugins picons
    Grogs movie organisor plugin downloadable via plugins-extentions


    If you have cable only try Bioheads image
    here http://www.techkings.org/zgemma-star-h-2h/94055-biohead-image-openatv-5-3-vskin-cable-only.html


    Kiddacs vskin v1.011
    Kiddacs slyk1hd v5.200
    auto bouquets setup
    Auto epg update set
    Cross epg setup to hdd
    Includes mgcamd, cccam, openwebif, picture player, Iptv Player, epg refresh and cachflush
    the latest sat_282_sky_uk_CustomMix.xml is downloaded every week via a crontimer
    Script to change the pics in the V-Skin menus daily
    script to download the providers files weekly

    The providers are set to download weekly via a crontimer

    Set with mgcamd1.38. & cccam2.3 and with all mg_cfg and newcamd.list and CCcam.cfg files needed in place! Just edit your details in and reboot! DO NOT SEND YOUR FILES IN. EDIT WHATS ALREADY THERE

    OK. Basically u need a usb or hard drive that can be wiped and devoted to the box.
    That will store program guide and recordings and timeshift to rewind TV etc.
    4gb is minimum I'd recommend. But more is better.
    Once image is flashed and u edit ur newcamd.list file in usr/keys or CCcam.cfg in usr/keys with FileZilla.
    Get the permanent USB/hdd onto a PC and quick format it.

    download here >>CLICK HERE<<

    Flashing the box
    flash with the zgemma folder only on a formatted usb stick turn of box using back power button insert usb in back and switch on using back button then box should change from usb to flash.

    Plug one dish cable into tuner A(sat). And the second cable into B(vm).
    You will need to blug kenable F Type Screw Connector Socket to RF Coax Aerial Male Adapter to plug into tuner b
    rf adapter.jpg

    Menu, setup, service searching, Tuner configuration,
    Select Tuner B: and input your network id
    tuner configuration.jpg
    Check here for a list of network ids http://www.techkings.org/general-cable-tv/65862-cable-netids.html

    Please note you will need both sky and cables tuners and subs for this image to

    h2h setup.jpg

    added info: you will also need a network connection for scanning channels and to unscramble the channels
    either use a lan cable, home plugs or wifi adapter. lan cable or home plugs is recommended for a more stable connection
    please do not post in this thread regarding wifi adapters as i dont use them so i cannot offer support

    Box off.
    Usb in rear.
    Box on.
    Blue Button
    Harddisk/Harddisk Setup press right
    Initialization choose your device and press red to initialise

    If you get "ERROR
    initializing storage device error: umount: cant unmount media/hdd: device or resource busy" whilst trying to initialise the storage device press menu, Info panel, plugins, SwapManager press red to deactivate then retry to initialise the storage device.


    then convert ext3 to 4 choose your device and press red to convert ext3 to 4
    convert ext3 to 4.jpg

    Creating Swapfile
    I dont think the newer models need a swapfile but if you want to
    MENU, Infopanel, Plugins, SwapManager, GREEN, Select your drive, 256Mb, takes a couple of mins to create, once created choose RED to activate and YELLOW to autostart
    swap manger.jpg
    restart box not GUI

    Recording and Timeshift settings

    Recording and Timshift settings
    Recording settings
    Default movie location should be media/hdd/movie
    recording settings.jpg

    (If u are using a large enough usb/HDD u may want to go to
    Rexording and timshift settings
    Timeshift settings
    Ensure timeshift location is showing: media/hdd/movie/timesshift
    Autorecord is showing media/hdd/movie
    if you want enable Autorecord
    Autostart ts after 30secs or whatever.
    As it is u must press pause to start timeshift)
    timeshift settings.jpg

    If you find that the screen is to large/small/off to side:
    Usage and GUI
    Extended GUI
    OSD Position
    U can change about here. Including transparency of windows.

    Before running abm we need to download the custommix file

    red button
    Job manager
    choose updatecustom.sh you will be asked if you run the script choose yes
    it will say installed sat_282_sky_uk_CustomMix.xml execution finished
    exacution finished.jpg
    exit back to tv

    now we can run abm


    Service searching
    Autobouquets maker
    Providers. Wait
    Sky UK: area. Change from northwest Yorkshire HD to your area HD not sd or custom we need HD to swap with cable by pressing right or left.
    You may want to go down and change sky uk channel swap to no if you don’t have bbc1hd and ITV hd versions in your are in.
    abm sat.jpg
    Then virgin(uk): area change 41064 York(ff Leeds) to your net id
    abm vm.jpg
    No need to generate other bouquets
    Green to save.
    Start scan. Wait.
    Exit all
    Hold power Restart

    I have set-up crossepg for sat and epgrefresh for cable

    For crossepg (sat)
    Cross EPG
    Download now. Takes 5-10 mins. Will seem like its stuck on Loading Data. Wait.
    Happens automatically at 6.00 am anyway.
    Exit all
    Hold power again and restart.

    For epgrefresh(cable)
    Go to all channels bouquet select the vm previews channel and press the green button then epg refresh now
    epg refresh.jpg
    this is setup to automatically run at 5.30 am.
    This is also set to shut down the box after automatic scan at 5am if you want to change this portal, epgrefresh show advance options yes
    Change shutdown after EPG refresh to no.


    Kiddacs vskin v1.011
    Kiddacs slyk1hd v5.200
    kiddacs slyq v1.002
    chabs SkyQ
    auto bouquets setup
    Auto epg update set
    Cross epg setup to hdd
    Includes mgcamd, cccam, openwebif, picture player, Iptv Player, epg refresh and cachflush
    the latest sat_282_sky_uk_CustomMix.xml is downloaded every week via a crontimer
    The providers are set to download weekly via a crontimer

    To install picons if you want

    you will need to download srp picons because snp picons will not work

    Picons are the little channels logos you see on some screen shots and these instructions guide you through adding them to your EPG and info bars.

    First of all check that you have no previous picons installed and if so remove them

    From full screen TV:
    Press the Portal button -> Red button (remove plugins) -> Highlight +Picons and press OK
    Now any picon lists you see in that section need removing. Highlight, press ok and select yes.
    Once you have removed any existing picon sets exit right back to full screen TV.

    From full screen TV:
    Press the Portal button -> Green button to download plugins -> Highlight +picons -> Press the OK button

    Scroll right down the list and and choose 100x60 snp light on transparent picons Press OK, Press OK again. Highlight and Select your external USB device

    This takes a little while to download and extract due to there being 7000+ picons and may appear to have crashed. How long it takes will also depend on the speed of your USB device. While you are waiting be patient wait and wait some more.
    When you are returned to the menu, Press the Exit button twice to return to full screen TV

    Now press your EPG button and in the top left hand corner your should see the channel logo. It will also show up when you press the OK button from full screen TV

    slyk1hd included with epg tabs {No Mods} just set it as your skin – menu, setup, usage and gui skin setup

    Kiddacs slyq included just set as your skin – menu, setup, usage and gui skin setup

    Chabs SkyQ skin is downloadble via download plugins

    Then set it as your skin menu, setup, usage and gui, skin setup choose skyq

    Portal green button to download plugins choose skins scroll down to skyq skin by Chababu

    Extra plugins
    Grogs movie organisor plugin available via download plugins-extentions

    Changing the resolution of the box
    This backup was made using the resolution for 720 tvs
    To change this menu. setup, video, basic settings
    go to mode and press right to change from 720 to what your tv supports
    video settings.jpg

    Idiots Guide for adding your line with Filezilla

    On your Box Menu > Info> Network > Get your box IP address
    Open up FileZilla Host (top left ) Type in IP address Username root Leave others blank Press Quick connect
    Box should then connect to computer Left side computer, Right hand box
    filezilla connect.jpg
    For Nlines
    On right hand side locate usr Double click it Then Keys Double click It You should now see 3 files CCcam.cfg, Mg_cfg and Newcamd.list On Newcamd list Left click/right click Then click View/Edit (It may ask you what program you wish to view the file choose Notepad) You will see 2 samples of what your line should look like either edit your line details or Delete up to CWS = (space either side of =)
    Copy and past your line Less the N: in its place
    Disconnect from FileZilla By Clicking the X just under bookmarks top of page
    Press blue button on remote control >.Softcam press right Select soft cam panel Mgcamd 1.38 should show as default press green to restart
    For Clines
    Again usr/keys on box Your line goes Complete with the C in CCcam.cfg and start in Softcam panel press right to change cam
    Hope it helps

    This also has slyk1hd v5.003 to change it menu, setup, useage and GUI, Skin Setup and select slyk1hd

    For support on the V Skin HD check or start a new thread here http://www.techkings.org/general-skin-support/

    For support on slyk1 hd skin have a look here or start a new thread here http://www.techkings.org/general-skin-support/

    Added info
    This image is using epgselection.py for epg tabs

    below is a list of the buttons on epg

    Press previous and next to scroll epg tabs
    ch up and down to scroll pages in epg

    pressing tv while in epg brings up a bouquet list so you don't need to exit and press epg for the list of bouquets

    Screen shots below enjoy

    info.jpg channel select.jpg epgtabs.jpg plugins.jpg
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  2. Paddie79

    Paddie79 Member

    Going to try this after work

    Open ATV 3.5 or is it 5.3? What's the difference?

    Also does the ROI Sky Sports 5 I think it is called, get picked up when scanning channels as I hear that it shows 3pm Saturday Football Games?
  3. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    Yes the sky sports 5 should be showing up channel 499 on both images the only issue is that i couldn't add roi to the end of it.

    This image is supported by openatv so online updates are safe.

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  4. alipacino247

    alipacino247 Member

    Can you send me the link for the backup please

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  5. Paddie79

    Paddie79 Member

    Before I install this image can you tell me what the differnences are between this and the vix one?

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    Channel 499 is uk sky sports 5 it's the same as channel 439
  6. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    Its this image

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  7. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    Have a look through the listing for when a 3pm kickoff games on or wait until the adverts are on 499 should advertise euros and 439 £

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  8. alipacino247

    alipacino247 Member

    I can't get ABM to swap sky HD channels .. Any help please

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  9. Paddie79

    Paddie79 Member

    Thanks I'll look out for it on Saturday

    Is is there differences then between both images?

    Is mis there still that gap between the channel number and service name on the EPG in the ATV image?
  10. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    There isn't much difference between the builds apart from how i have the channel numbers on epg and atv supports ota updates and no the gap isn't there have a look at the screen shots

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  11. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    Please have a look at the instructions you need to be using sky uk your area hd

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  12. alipacino247

    alipacino247 Member

    Managed to sort it out mate.. Thank you very much

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  13. pex

    pex Member

    Ahhh just noticed this... openatv 3.5 but we can update to 5.3? I will install later :)
  14. Kirbybfc

    Kirbybfc Member

    Great image running like a dream on my H2H just a shame i've got a faulty tuner but will be using it again once my new box comes
  15. pex

    pex Member

    Great image , just installed on my h2h in about 15 mins. Works a treat
    Nice to see ROI sky sports 5 in there too.
  16. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    universal added to the swap HD on 113 SD on 204 run the custommix updater plugin, scan abm then reboot box youll also see sky sports 1 to 5 roi renamed Sky Sports Eire from 495 to 499

    XSONY_NGUX TK Veteran

    Has the openvix universal swap been fixed for the HD?
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2016
  18. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    Yes I posted in there

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  19. Nods

    Nods Member

    I just switched to this open ATV image from openvix.
    The Bbc and itv and 5 hd channels are not 101-105 as they were. How can I change this?
    Also noticed that the Disney channel is not in HD. Can this be fixed?
  20. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    For 1 to 5 hd in providers change sky uk channel swap to yes.

    I'll have a look at disney channel hd in the morning

    Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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