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EPG for perfect player

Discussion in 'IPTV Channel Lists / Rtmp Playlist' started by gigsta, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. gigsta

    gigsta Member

    Hi all is there a up to date
    EPG URL link for perfect player via firestick or it just used together with the m3u line that your provider gave you thanks in advance
  2. SciManG

    SciManG Member

    EPG is linked to your m3u, whether it be from your provider or if you setup a third party EPG supplier.
  3. gigsta

    gigsta Member

    Just wanting an updated epg to fill in the missing channel gaps tryed using editor in settings pairing up but my epg still has some old channel names so there not recognised on some thanks
  4. THG

    THG Member

    perfect player has a field for epg url which you get from your supplier as its kind of ties to your line. If there are gaps from there then it's because your provider hasn't got full epg.
  5. qasim22

    qasim22 TK Veteran

    you can find a seperate url online for epg too

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  6. JustDanYK

    JustDanYK Member

    EPG has to be taken from your IPTV provider

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  7. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

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  8. gigsta

    gigsta Member

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  9. qasim22

    qasim22 TK Veteran

  10. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    There's a mix in the above so could just add all 3. This one is just UK and US but never tried it.


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  11. qasim22

    qasim22 TK Veteran

    Thank u mate will test

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