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Guide How to set up an E2 combo box with vix image

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by bees, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. bees

    bees VIP Member

    This is a bit of a lengthy process first time around so
    take your time and make a cup of tea, you can grab a beer later lol

    So I will try and make it easy to follow.

    It's really not that complicated when you have the box in front of you.

    Here is a quick summary of the steps

    1. Configure your tuners, if it's a combo follow the guide.
    If it's twin cable or twin sat just set both tuners the same way in the guide and miss out the cable or sat parts you don't need.

    2. Set up the EPG to save to "daily" and make sure you are saving it to a storage device, not internal flash memory.

    3. Set up Autobouquet maker (ABM) and scan for channels.

    4. Add your softcams.

    5. Add the Mg Cam files attached at the bottom of this guide then add your line (using Filezilla).

    6. Switch on your Cam.

    Enjoy !!!

    If you want to add extras later like skins or pecons for the sky/cable look you can do this if you wish
    but this should get you up and running :thumbsup:

    If you have sat only or cable only boxes just miss out the bits you don't need.
    If you have twin cable or sat tuners just set them up the same as each other.

    Power up the box, it will put you in the start up wizard.


    Select HDMI, 1080p, and 50Hz (use the settings suited to your TV)

    Select the language as English


    Set the visibility to about 200, then use the options to size the menu to the TV screen

    Set the menu inside the four corner markings.


    Using the wizard check the internet connection, it should say it's working and display
    your IP address (make a note of your IP you will need it later)

    Now configure the tuners, Tuner A on this box is sat.

    Set the satellite to Astra 28.2


    Tuner B is cable

    Type in your net id, put yes against all the QAM settings, Scan additional SR, at the bottom of the list type in your symbol rate

    P1010353.jpg P1010354.jpg

    Choose to scan later


    Keep clicking OK and let it set up your network interface.

    You should insert a pen drive to store your EPG on, if the internal flash memory gets full
    it can brick the box.

    Menu - Setup - System - EPG - Settings

    Change the EPG Location from internal flash to media/hdd

    (If it won't switch to media/hdd straight away, put the pen in and reboot the box, some are picked up others need the reboot to be seen )

    Set Enable VM EPG to yes


    In the EPG menu

    Go into Multi EPG settings and press OK

    Go into Cross EPG - Configure and change the scheduled download to once a day


    Menu - Setup - Service Searching - Auto Bouquet Maker - Configure

    Change Scheduled Scan to yes


    In the Auto Bouquet Maker Menu pick Providers

    Select Sky UK as yes then select your area, Select Virgin UK as yes and select your area (your net id's should match)


    In the Auto Bouquet Maker Menu pick Providers Order

    The one you set at the top will be the first set of groups when looking in FAVS, the second with be further down the list


    Scan for channels,


    You should now have a nice neat channel list for cable and sat channels

    After you have scanned you will have lots of FTA channels on sat but only about 5 FTA channels on cable such as BBC 1, 2 and ITV, these will only be SD channels not HD.

    The rest of the $ channels will show as a blank screen so don't panic.

    Check you have the necessary FTA channels before continuing.

    P1010395.jpg P1010396.jpg

    Menu - Pugins - Download Pugins (green button) - Scroll down to softcams


    Download on to your box CCcam 2.3.0 and MG Cam 1.38 from the list of softcams, you can download some more versions if you wish.

    On your computer, download the attached file at the bottom of this guide,

    unzip, you should now have two files,




    Put them somewhere easy to find like your desktop.

    Double click on the newcamd.list file (open with notepad) if prompted.

    Change the front of your N Line or lines so it reads CWS =

    Paste your line over the example lines in the file so it looks similar. Save.


    Download Filezilla Client from the internet, it's free.

    Open Filezilla Client

    Across the top, in Host type in your IP address, in username type in root, leave password blank and in port type in 21

    Then press quick connect.


    The left hand boxes are your computer, the right hand boxes are your box.

    On the left browse to the two files you downloaded from this guide.

    On your right browse to usr/keys

    Click on one of the files on the left, right click your mouse and select upload.

    Do the same with the other file, the two bottom windows should look the same.

    So you should have the newcamd.list and mg_cfg file in the bottom right hand window

    Menu - Setup - Softcam / CI - Softcam Manager


    Green Button - Start

    Blue Button - Enable Start Up

    Most cable servers supply N lines so I haven't included using CCcam

    You can request a cable line here

    and a sat line here

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
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  2. channelking

    channelking TK Veteran

    Awesome guide Bees. Really well explained and simple. Even for someone slow like me lol.

    One question though does this guide apply to ALL E2 boxes or just the gigablue combo box?
    Tamrind likes this.
  3. trainspotter

    trainspotter Registered

    weii done Bees.the best and easiest guide ive seen so far:butkiss:
  4. bees

    bees VIP Member

    It should work with any E2 combo box with the vix image
  5. Fezzer

    Fezzer Registered

    Do ya not need to mount the usb stick before selecting save epg to media/hdd can't remember?
  6. bees

    bees VIP Member

    The box picked up a my pen drive without mounting it, when I was setting up. It was just formatted to fat32.

    To finish setting up for recording I had to mount and initialise my USB HDD though.
  7. trainspotter

    trainspotter Registered

    here is an example of my friends nline,how do you edit it to cws=form....
    ip. blah.blahblah.com
    deskey 0102030405060708091011121314
    port 12121

    he has this line working on a blade7000 and is waiting on a enigma2 receiver getting deliverd
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2015
  8. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Your line should look like this

    N: tvserver.com 12000 user-12345 65241 01 02 03 04 05 06 ....14

    so it just becomes

    CWS = tvserver.com 12000 user-12345 65241 01 02 03 04 05 06 ....14

    Just look for the spaces in the line, it breaks down like this

    Server / Host / IP (Depending on your box) tvserver.com
    Port 12000
    User user-12345
    Pass 65241

    The numbers counting up to 14 are the deskey
  9. squeek

    squeek Registered

    What is network I'd and symbol rate please help
  10. squeek

    squeek Registered

  11. aaronm13

    aaronm13 Registered

    Awesome guide bees. I have a Technomate TM-Nano-3T COMBO Receiver coming to me either tomorrow or Thursday so this guide is going to come in so handy, so well written and crystal clear. No doubt I'll mess up somewhere but hopefully I can rely on you guys to help me out.
  12. squeek

    squeek Registered

    Sorry about that
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2015
  13. maff

    maff VIP Member

    {Civil Engineer
    Hey bees, I've got my Net ID,Frequency and QAM from my VM sub box. How do I find out my Symbol rate? Seens thats the only info I cant find. I'm not using the VIX image on this box,as I'm told it's unstable on the Amiko Alien receivers. Trying to setup the cable tuner in the Spark image, before loading E2 Hyperion 4.5. Seems quite tricky. Don't mean to hijack the thread,just after the Symbol rate info. Cheers bees.
  14. squeek

    squeek Registered

    Hi I am on virgin broadband superhub how do I get my net id what is it labeled coz it don't say net id on it
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2015
  15. maff

    maff VIP Member

    {Civil Engineer
    On your VM sub box. Go into settings> maintanance> Technical stuff (think thats the order). Info can be found in there.
  16. bees

    bees VIP Member

    It is usually 6952 or 6887

    Bristol TW 40970 651.000 6.952
    Bromley NTL/ex C&W 41041 666.750 6.887


    Net Id / 40970
    Frequency / 651.000
    Symbol Rate / 6.952 (in gigs so becomes 6952 in megs when you put it in your box.)

    See post #67 in this thread here
  17. squeek

    squeek Registered

    It wouldn't let me on your link but I'm gathering I need to go into super hub settings through my laptop and it'll be in there
  18. bees

    bees VIP Member

    The link works mate,just scroll down the page to post number 67 and there is a big list of net id's

    If you still stuck go to the "general cable" section.

    Look for the "Amiko combo tutorial" thread then go to page 4, post 67 and the list is there.

    It won't be on your super hub.

    maff told you it was on your official VM box, not the hub.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2015
  19. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Sorry !!!

    Double post, don't know how that happened lol
  20. squeek

    squeek Registered

    There is two for Grimsby can I use one of them then so people's Id are the same