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IPTV Server Request Thread July, August, September 2017

Discussion in 'IPTV Guides Support and Discussions' started by wheelo, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. mikecarey32

    mikecarey32 Member

    Anyone got a test line, got offered one but it's wiped my tv completely
  2. compusat

    compusat Member

    Looking for a test for an android box running perfect player
  3. satguy1976

    satguy1976 Member

    Looking for a good IPTV provider that supports perfect player on Android with EPG and a good yearly price - please only PM if you can support perfect player and have an EPG - and can provide a test line thanks!
  4. craigym

    craigym Member

    Looking for a 24 hour test for smart iptv
  5. theisr

    theisr Member

    Looking for a good glitch/buffer free, reliable IPTV sub for ny LG SMART TV? ...plenty of content ideally and large amount of boxsets a must but prefer quality over quantity ...MUST still be able to watch the 3pm kick offs and all other channels 24/7 as believe a lot of servers are being blocked now whenever any live football is on!!
  6. jjon98

    jjon98 Member

    hi I am looking for any reliable iptv subs for pc would be great. tried before but only got 2 and not great.

    many thanks jon
  7. mlwray

    mlwray Member

    Looking for an iptv sub with Full EPG , UK and foreign package with VOD , Adult, PPV and 3pm kick off.
  8. greengoat

    greengoat Forum Supporter

    Looking for IPTV with 3pm and Chelsea TV that has EPG and can be used to record on a Zgemma H2S. Also, a good Plex server?
  9. Saints1890

    Saints1890 Member

    looking for iptv for h2s with epg
  10. SnowDonkey

    SnowDonkey Member

    Did you get anywhere with recording IPTV on a zgemma?
  11. jnash

    jnash Member

    Hi all, I'm looking for something all uk and us channels, for smart up TV app. Thank you in advance

    Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  12. electricedd

    electricedd Member

    Need an iptv sub prefer xstream with Full EPG , UK and US package with VOD , Adult, PPV, Zgemma H2S box I may have problems with ip cutting me back so choice of SD and HD trial required
  13. fire24

    fire24 Member

    Looking for all sky U.K. Channels and all sports channels for fire stick. Payment in Bitcoin.
  14. looking for a good iptv server with most satellites on mag
  15. Pistolp

    Pistolp Member

    Hi Looking for iptv just for sports.
  16. Imbonitore

    Imbonitore Member

    Running IpabTV 1.3.5 Image on ZGemma H2H Looking for IPTV server, full uk Sky with PPV and 3pm Kick off's.Thanks
  17. lfcgeorge

    lfcgeorge Member

    Looking for an iptv sub with Full EPG , UK package with Sports, Movies and 3pm kick off etc. Using Samsung smart TV with smart iptv app. Thanks
  18. jia1000

    jia1000 Member

    Looking for IPTV sub 24hr trial to be used on a few different platforms, not at the same time, just want to test & trial it on Smart IPTV, H2s running xtream editor 2.06 plugin and GSE ios/android app.

    Must include a good VOD section, all sports including 3pm kick offs and ppv, sky channels, documentaries, USA & CAN sport.

    My current supplier is dog s**t!!!!
  19. spursman24

    spursman24 Member

    Looking an iptv test, tried a few that have been ok but still checking I'm going for the right one before buying for a year.

    Preferably have a VPN on their server as I use a MAG box and football is getting shut off. (UK)

  20. chizum

    chizum Member

    Hi im after all hd channels and 3pm kickoffs. 24 hour test required. Interested in multiroom if possible for 2 devices

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