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MAG254 & Subtitle Problem

Discussion in 'MAG 250 Micro' started by hopper, May 5, 2017.

  1. hopper

    hopper Member

    Hi all

    I updated my MAG254 to the latest FW and now seem to have subtitles on most channels.
    You can turn off this feature while watching that channel but once you leave that channel and return to it there back again.

    Can fine any main subtitle menu to turn off this all together.

  2. duvet

    duvet Member

    Have you tried unplugging power cable, when starting back up again press set-up / settings button top right.

    There may be a setting within that settings menu.
  3. hopper

    hopper Member

    I'll give that a try
    But I do know there is nothing in the inner portal

  4. press

    press Member

    Turn subtitles off while viewing the channel.Press app button next to tv button will give you options to switch subtitles on or off
  5. hopper

    hopper Member

    That's what I do but once you leave that channel and go back to it the subs are back on again
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  6. cstuarty

    cstuarty Member

    Here mate had the same problem on all hd channels must be faulty firmware r18 dated 5th april. got it sorted by going to inner portal and settings,software update then press green F2 manual update then there you can roll back the firmware to r17 Feb 16th sorted it for me.
    you might have to turn of any auto update till a newer fixed firmware comes out
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  7. hopper

    hopper Member

    Ya I also done that but if you try BBC News you will see the subs on that channel
    Try to turn it off and go down a channel come back to that channel and the subs are back.

    Not sure how to fix it.
  8. keith

    keith Member

    Is it on a mag box?
  9. keith

    keith Member

    Could you let me know if you find out how to do it? Because I've got the same issue
  10. likedm

    likedm Member

    Anyone got any ideas on this? also got the same problem....
  11. cstuarty

    cstuarty Member

    i fixed my mag250 with this problem just read my post futher up

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