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OpenATV Set Up Guide

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by dangerous, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    {Power Plant Operater
    Setup guide for Open ATV, cable setup.
    All the information you require should be in the guide if there's anything your unsure about, post in the thread below and someone will kindly answer.

    Whilst setting up, if it’s mentioned to reboot/restart your receiver then do this by using your remote, press and hold the power button down for 3 seconds when you see a list choose option restart.

    Setting up your receiver

    Set up your receiver and plug in your cable TV feed into RF in (you may need a F-plug connector)
    Loop through to additional tuners if you have a multi tuner receiver.


    Search the internet for Open ATV 6 and find the most recent OpenATV firmware for your receiver.
    Click on *your receiver* Click on OpenATV Download the zip file of the latest nightly build. Extract the zip. Inside this zip file will be a folder called *receiver name*. This folder needs transferring to a freshly formatted USB stick smaller than 32 GB and fat 32

    Flashing the new firmware

    ** If reflashing over a prevoius image Make sure you have backed up any prepaid lines before continuing. ** Copy the *receiver name* folder onto the USB stick. You are copying the *receiver name* folder, not the contents of the *receiver name* folder. On your USB stick you should then just have 1 folder called *receiver name*.
    Make sure the receiver is turned off (on/off button at rear) and place the USB stick in a USB port of the receiver. Turn on the receiver.
    The display will initially show boot, followed by USB if done correctly. Press the standby button on your receiver while it says USB. The display will now change to FLSH, as your new image is being flashed to your box. (different models of receiver require you to carry out this process slightly different but there is always a message on screen to guide you) Flashing will take about 5 minutes
    Once your receiver has finished flashing, it will reboot. Let the receiver boot up fully then power back down and take out the USB stick out and replace with a new one or format that stick and place back into the receiver. Now power back on the receiver.

    Setting up your new image

    On first load choose HDMI, 1080i, 50Hz Language English, Click yes to delete other languages. Now the start wizard will guide you through, press OK, use the wizard. To set tuner A press OK (dont change any settings) Do the same on any other tuners or disable them if not needed. Then click No to a service scan. then press OK a couple of times to finish the wizard.
    Do not use the scan feature as we are going to use Auto Bouquets Maker instead
    Exit all screens and go to plugins, green button to download, go to system plugins and find autobouquetsmaker, press OK to download, exit screens and reboot receiver.

    Setting up USB / HDD for use with your box
    You will need a USB stick or HDD for certain functions of your receiver.

    Initialise your USB/HDD
    Plug in your UBS/HDD device that you are going to be using as your storage media into the rear of your box (you should of already done this)
    Menu… setup… System… Storage Devices… Initialisation choose your USB/HDD that shows up
    Once initialised convert the file format to ext4. Menu>setup>system>storage devices>Convert ext3 filesytsem to ext4
    Please note though that ext4 will make your device unreadable on a windows computer

    Scanning for Channels with Auto Bouquets Maker.

    Setup Menu… Setup… Service Searching… AutoBouquetsMaker…

    Setup mode (toggle right) Expert
    Schedule scan yes
    Time of scan to start 06:00
    Repeat how often Weekly
    Keep all non ABM Bouquets NO (leave this on yes if your going to add your own bouquets or IPTV)
    Add provider prefix NO (if setting up a dual sat and cable receiver then click yes)
    Place Bouquets at Top
    Skip services on not configured sat Yes
    Include not indexed No
    Extra Debug No
    Show in extensions Yes
    Green button to save

    Providers Menu

    Menu… Setup… Service Searching… AutoBouquetsMaker…Providers
    Answer yes to your choosen provider

    Virmin (UK) area *change this to what ever is your closest region *, there may be more than one for your area so start with one, then maybe try another only if your missing any channels

    Net ID's

    00001 West Yorkshire
    00002 Glasgow
    00003 Farnborough
    00004 Bridgend
    00005 Luton
    00006 Swindon
    00007 Port Talbot
    00008 Nottingham
    00009 Cambridge
    00010 Teesside
    00011 Ipswich
    00012 Leicester
    00013 Reading
    00014 Andover
    00015 Lichfield
    00016 Warwick
    00017 Hemel
    00018 Northampton
    00019 Coventry
    00020 Oxford
    00021 Belfast
    00022 Grimsby
    00023 Derry (Londonderry)
    40961 Barnsley 1
    40962 Barnsley 2
    40963 Barnsley 3 (Sheffield)
    40964 Barnsley 4 (Sheffield)
    40965 Knowsley 1
    40966 Knowsley 2
    40967 Preston 1
    40968 Preston 2
    40969 Gateshead
    40970 Bristol
    40971 Bristol 2
    40973 Wolverhampton 1
    40974 Wolverhampton 2
    40975 Basildon 1
    40976 Basildon 2
    40977 Basildon 3
    40978 Basildon 4
    40978 Croydon
    40979 Hayes
    40981 Edinburgh 1 (Scotland)
    40982 Edinburgh 2 (Dundee)
    40983 TTA Knowsley DMC (Hayes_RHE)
    40984 Uddington (Scotland)
    40985 Haringey
    40986 NGREE Knowsley
    40987 Exter
    40988 Plymouth
    40990 Barnsley 2 TRIALS
    40995 Wolverhampton TRIALS
    40998 Barnsley TRIALS
    40999 Perth (Scotland)
    41003 Carlisle
    41008 Liverpool TDN TRIALS
    41009 Falkirk (Scotland)
    41011 Birmingham 750
    41013 TTA Knowsley (Knowsley RHE)
    41015 Birmingham TDN
    41016 Liverpool TDN
    41018 Preston TDN
    41020 Crawley
    41026 Southport
    41040 Leeds TRIALS
    41041 Bromley
    41042 Portsmouth
    41043 Poole
    41044 Brighton
    41045 Hersham
    41046 Derby
    41048 Manchester 3
    41049 Peterborough
    41050 Seven Kings
    41051 Watford
    41052 Ashford
    41053 Leeds
    41054 Wearside
    41055 Norwich
    41056 GGHEE Bromley
    41059 Brighton TRIALS
    41060 Manchester 1
    41061 Code download test (Portsmouth)
    41063 Stoke (FF Manchester)
    41065 Portsmouth TRIALS
    41066 Manchester 2
    41068 TTA Bromley DMC (Bromley RHE)
    41068 Manchester TRIALS
    41069 Lewisham
    41071 Southampton

    FTA NO
    Generate main bouquets NO
    Generate sections bouquets YES
    Generate HD sections NO
    Generate FTA sections NO
    Generate FTA HD bouquet NO
    Swap channels YES

    Green button to save

    Then start scan, you should find 382 video and 37 radio channels (give or take a couple of channels)
    Exit all screens and now check that BBC 1 SD works, press TV button, entertainment, BBC 1 SD (channel 108)
    If this channel works and is glitch free then carry on with the setup, if no picture appears or the screen is glitching find your issue before carrying on.
    Try other net ID's or your check your cable/splitter for issues if glitching is present.


    Menu, setup, EPG, settings, EPG location should be changed to your storage device, /media/hdd.
    Enable Virmin EPG, green button to save.

    Adding additional files from your PC to the set top receiver.

    FTP Program - For this example we are going to use FileZilla Client If you familiar with others then use what method your comfortable with

    Now you need to install an FTP client on your computer to transfer files from your computer to your receiver. I personally use FileZilla as it’s free and very simple to use.

    Open FileZilla

     Host Your receiver IP address (e.g. )
     Username root
     Password [leave blank]
     Port [leave blank]

    Click Quick Connect.
    In the right panel you should now see the file structure of your receiver.
    The following folder locations are for :
    Var/Keys – if your server provider gave you a newcamd.list file then it goes in this location along with a mg_cfg file. If you have been given a CCcam.cfg file this will also go in this location but this on its own.
    Temp – this folder is where we transfer any files that we need to use in the set up of the receiver, for example openATV does not have a soft cam menu we need to install this by transferring the softcam IPK file to the Temp folder.

    Installing the softcam menu

    First download the softcam IPK from the downloads section then transfer it to your receiver using filezilla to the temp folder, exit all. Now we need to install it,
    Menu>setup>software management>install location extension>Memory/temp>the file your trying to install should be there, make sure you tick the box and install

    Installing your line

    Which line is better C or N ? you won't notice any difference on a well run server

    Disclaimer: It is illegal to de-scramble paid service channels. You do so at your own risk.

    To install your line for your server onto your box, you need to first install softcams software onto your box as this isn’t provided by default.

    To install the softcams software, you will need to use a softcam ipk (available from the downloads section)

    Open FileZilla Client
    Transfer your IPK file into the /var/volatile/tmp
    Menu>setup>software management>install location extension>Memory/temp>the file your trying to install should be there, make sure you tick the box and install it.

    Menu… plugins… download plugins… softcams
    There are 3 popular softcam plugins that are currently used.
    CCcam-2.3.0 or Mgcamd-1.38 or Oscam (for more information on Oscam click here http://www.techkings.org/threads/oscam-for-atv.95494/

    CCcam is mainly used for C lines, but can easily read an N line.
    Mgcamd is used to run a CWS = line.
    Download your required cam.

    Softcam panel will now be accessible from menu…Info Panel…SoftcamPanel

    Install a line for CCcam
    If you have been given a N: line then don't go changing it to any other format without asking your provider first. Some providers use different ports for different protacols.

    Your line starting with either C: or N: needs to go in a file called CCcam.cfg
    It will be in the follow format
    C: server.com port-number username password
    N: server.com port-number username password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

    Locate your file in the left panel and transfer it to usr/keys in the right panel.

    Open softcams panel. Menu… Info Panel… Softcam Panel

    Select Cam 1 – press left or right to select CCcam 2.3.0
    Select Cam 2 – no cam
    Start/Restart (Green button)

    Installing a CWS = line in Mgcamd

    Your line provider should email you 2 files.
    mg_cfg (if you havent't been given this then download it from the downloads section)

    newcamd.list is your line details and be similar to this format

    CWS = server.com 12345 username password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

    Your Mg_cfg file will be pre configured no need to look at or alter it.
    Locate your 2 files in the left panel and transfer it to usr/keys in the right panel.
    Open softcams panel. Menu… Info Panel… Softcam Panel
    Select Cam 1 – press left or right to select Mgcamd-1.38 or CCcam 2.3.0
    Select Cam 2 – no cam Start/Restart (Green button)

    Once your softcam is running your premium channels should now be working, if not reboot your receiver and restart the softcam again.

    Now your receiver is set up and working correctly just have a flick through the varoius menus and alter any setting that you feel comfortable changing, for example Time settings, etc.
    Software Update

    Before doing any software updates its advisable to backup all your settings/image before doing a update.

    Menu… Setup… Software Management…Software Update I would recommend doing this once a month to keep on top of all the updates.(do so at your own risk, if your happy to leave it along then leave it)

    There is plenty of skins from the plugins menu to choose from but should you wish to use a skin that is available to you then do the following :

    Ftp the ipk file to temp folder, then go to

    Menu>setup>software management>install location extension>Memory/temp>the file your trying to install should be there, make sure you tick the box and install it.
    Then menu>setup>usage & GUI>skin setup>change to the skin you just installed, reboot receiver.

    Changing the name of your receiver to something less obvious to your ISP

    Menu - setup - network - mounts setup - mounts manager - change host name * change it to something like, Apple TV, Now TV, Playstation 4*

    Finally, changing your DNS settings in your receiver (you don't have to do this but can help in certain situations )

    Menu - setup - system - network - device setup -
    Click on your connection (with your green button) if its shown, receivers with wireless function's will have 2 options here Wlan and Lan there will be a green tick next to your method of connection to your network.
    If your receiver has no wireless funtion you will see the following screen.
    Adapter settings
    Blue button to edit DNS
    Name server 1 *change the IP address to*
    Name server 2 *change the IP address to* If you don't have a name server 2 then use the yellow button to add one
    Green button to save
    Exit all

    I hope this guide has helped you

    Dangerous :)

    Last edited: Jun 5, 2017
  2. gmangt4

    gmangt4 TK Veteran

    Good man Dangerous, this should help a lot of people.
  3. Kopnut

    Kopnut Registered

    Wow !!!!, quick reply or what..... thank you :woohoo:, I have a zgemma h2, which I use vix on, can I use this guide to run s*y and virmin alongside each other , is this guide for one or the other... or both, excuse my ignorance .... :eek:range:
  4. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    {Power Plant Operater
    It's been written for openATV, but some parts will relate to setting up openvix as well.
  5. NoxNosh

    NoxNosh Registered

    Thank you! This was extremely helpful
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  6. Catos

    Catos Registered

    Thank you so much. Very helpfull.
  7. john4321

    john4321 Registered

    Great guide thanks for putting this together.
  8. john_welsh

    john_welsh Registered

    Brilliant and informative, just what I was looking for, thanks loon
    dangerous likes this.
  9. Audjob

    Audjob Registered

    Hi Dangerous,can you help me again please,updated crossepg at weekend watched films in IPTV Player on Sunday but now tried to go into it today and there's nothing in the Apps I usually watch 123Movies, it's saying no item to display. I've done a manual update and it's V147.00.22.00 with no other updates avail. Please help what else can I do? Thanks in advance
  10. ianw314

    ianw314 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    123 movies is down again im sure someone posted earlier today?
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  11. djgarf

    djgarf TK Veteran

    Yup 123 movies is down. Dunno what's going on, they haven't posted any info on twitter yet
  12. Audjob

    Audjob Registered

    Thanks guys Thot I was doing something wrong...ill check it out again tomorrow!
  13. wizz

    wizz Registered

    Thanks for the Info but I'm using Open VIX.
    The one I am looking for was posted by Bees, I think ...... It's the one that I have become used to.
    Is it still around please ???
  14. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    {Power Plant Operater
    Yes I'm sure his guide is still on here, try a search for it (I can't link you to it as I'm on my phone)
  15. nickyd186

    nickyd186 TK Veteran

    For the amiko Box?
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  16. Kroakie1

    Kroakie1 Registered

    Have flashed the build a couple of times and had a couple of problems.
    1) The Bouquets include a lot of foreign one like Austria etc.
    2) it is not creating the Sly Bouquets.

    Rechecked Tuner config and all seems fine. (using H2H with Sly and VM)

    It is strange because I did another box and it went fine and worked perfectly.
    I dont have access to the box currently and the back up USB is not readable for some reason.

    Can you tell me what silly error I am making??
  17. djgarf

    djgarf TK Veteran

    Well the default openatv comes with 2 satellites and loads of bouquets already installed. Once installed press the TV button then the menu button and then 8 to delete a bouquet then keep pressing 8 and OK until all the foreign bouquets are gone
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  18. Kroakie1

    Kroakie1 Registered

    OK!, Thanks for that I will give it a try.
  19. ninjagordy

    ninjagordy Registered

    mega struggling getting my line to work. do i need to install a cam ?? even with the latest H2.H build. followed the cam install instructions above but cant find the plugin after its installed in the menu....
  20. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    {Power Plant Operater
    Menu- info panel - softcam panel- change cam 1 to your softcam choice using your remote control (left or right) which ever one you downloaded will be there.
    Green button to start