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Setting up HDD

Discussion in 'Zgemma-star 2S' started by strachanio, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. adog

    adog Member

    can anyone help? i have a zgemma h2 box with virgin media running sucmnsee vix image on it i am using a seagate 2.5 inch 3.0 2tb usb powered external harddrive ...i have followed the guide on this thread to setting it up on the box but when i go to record a programme it records but it slows down my boxes reaction time when going to view another channel but there is only a handful of channels it will let me view the rest dont work ? can anyone shed some light on this?
  2. skippy1955

    skippy1955 Member

    Hi, searched for solution to my problem to no avail. I bought a San disc cruiser 64 gb for my h2s. However my box won't recognise it .under installation it says " no storage devices found" I formatted the stick on my PC, the record and time settings appear to be OK. I'm stumped ! Any help would be appreciated

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  3. debsyrett

    debsyrett Member

    I have a zgemma h2s and i was told to use my hdd for recording and tineshifting and epg to store in in my hdd and use usb just for the usb which seems a little odd to me 6as was under the impreĺsion that that os too many things on the hdd

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  4. keilo

    keilo Member

    Tried to initialise the drive after this message, but then get this...
    Error:unmount:can't unmount/media/sdb1: device or resource busy

    Can anyone help? I've just upgraded my hhd, formatted and tried as instructed but still can't pause etc
  5. Janso

    Janso TK Veteran

    Swap file enabled? that'll give you that.
  6. keilo

    keilo Member

    It won't let me create a swap file.
    I've just reformatted the hard drive in my mac to MS-DOS BUT STILL HAVE THE SAME PROBLEMS
  7. debsyrett

    debsyrett Member

    You need to take all your recording timeshift epg and anything else you have on the hdd external drive off the destination via the recording timeshift and epg settings ie. Take the hard drive out. Turn box off put box back on with the external hard drive connected back in Initialise the hard drive. Go into set up mounts and it will show u where it is mounted . You may need to change it to ex 3 or 4 after initializing

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  8. Milad

    Milad Member

    Hi all,

    Super newbie here, couldn't find how to start a new thread, so i thought I'd piggy back on this one.
    I've just flashed my new Zegemma H2s with wooshbuild V6. I was wondering if anyone can assist me with instructions on how to set the USB stick to turn off when the box is turned off. Currently when I put the box on standby the light on my USB stick is constantly flashing away. Left it over night came back in the morning and it was still flashing away.

    I have gone to device setup and set the settings to turn off the hardrive after 5 mins. Still no joy

    I have put my USB in the to the back of the Zgemma box. I then Initialise it. I completed the second step listed here and rebooted (not sure what these step is for?)

    But when I got to step 3, of changinf where the files where saved to, I couldn’t change it from the internal hard drive? Does anyone know why?

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