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Slimming word a Fanta Chicken

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by nickyd186, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. nickyd186

    nickyd186 TK Veteran

    Trying to loose some weight for the hols had this last night was amazing

    2-3 chicken breasts – cut into strips
    330mls of fanta zero (or another diet fizzy orange)
    300 ml of passata (supermarket value brand works best)
    1 chopped onion
    1 Vegetable stock cube or chicken stock
    1 Tsp vinegar
    1-2 tbsp of sweetener (Not necessarily needed)
    Shake of dried chilli
    Red pepper (and any other stir fry veg you desire)

    1) brown off chicken then add onion and brown off
    2) Add the fanta zero, the passata, oxo cube, vinegar, sweetener and chilli
    3) Add any stir fry veg (ie red peppers)
    4) Let it simmer for 20 mins, if its too runny after that time, remove the lid and turn it up abit, the liquid will then reduce
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  2. steviegard

    steviegard Member

    i'm trying slimming world these days too. so far so good (5 weeks). I have heard a lot of folks on about this.... i just can't bring myself to actually doing it. Just seems wrong! lol
    If i make it, would it be suitable for freezing? I usually batch cook my dinners for the week for work.
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  3. nickyd186

    nickyd186 TK Veteran

    Yeah you could freeze it. I do the same with batch cooking..... The thought of it put me off when first reading it but tbh it's the best slimming world recipe I've had
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  4. ste

    ste TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Interesting... I never tried this one when I was losing the weight - I tried the diet coke chicken one which was ok but nothing special.

    I really cut my portion sizes down when I was doing it - I cooked what I normally would and split it and froze it. I cut out all the takeaways and fizzy pop - stuck to water with a small amount of cordial and if I got hungry between meals, I'd have a muiller light yoghurt or some fruit or a handful of dried fruit etc.

    I found that it helps with how you cook the food too - grilling is the way forward (and microwave) ... totally cut out the grease on the hob.

    I lost over 2 stone within a few months but I have put some of it back on because I haven't stuck to it properly because a holiday came up then christmas then birthday etc. but I wish i'd have stuck to it.
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  5. nickyd186

    nickyd186 TK Veteran

    Agree with grilling everything if can if it's not possible fry light is great alternative for frying
  6. naaaz

    naaaz Member

    Worth a try. Would be interesting to try with different sugar free drinks.
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  7. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    Coors light?! :)
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  8. ianw314

    ianw314 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    A tried that Bangord a wiz running aboot like a headless chicken! :)
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  9. steviegard

    steviegard Member

    airfryer is key for me. I split baby potatoes, throw into a bowl with frylight spray and mix in herbs and spices. Then chuck them into the airfryer for 30 minutes. For those that follow slimming world, these are totally free. Just add you speed to the dish.
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