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TM-Twin 4k

Discussion in 'Technomate Discussions' started by plinkos, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. plinkos

    plinkos Registered

    Hi first time poster, short time lurker!!

    I'm moving away from Sky & am looking for a duel sat receiver to plug into the dish. Having a terrestrial tuner for more HD channels would be nice too.

    I spotted a new Technomate 4k receiver, while the higher resolution isn't a big deal for me it looks pretty beefy & power is often helpful!! It looks like a pretty new product, but I guess it'll run the usual OpenViX...etc

    Has anyone seen this (I can't add a link but it's listed on the Technomate site), got/ordered one or got anything else to add to help me start my journey??
  2. castleb36

    castleb36 Registered

    To recieve a large spread of HD Channels, you would need a live VM feed. With satellite you get only SD channels.
    Has a newbie I would recommend getting a decent box to work with first, and get to understand how to configure it. For twin sat you could opt for the highly regards Mutant HD51, and there are loads of tutorials and readymade builds available to view/download
  3. skyvmninja

    skyvmninja Forum Supporter

    You can only get HD if you have a VM connection.

    HD is not available on sky
  4. fbaggy

    fbaggy Registered

    The Edision OS mega is a nice box too for your consideration, for HD other than FTA you will need a VM live feed or go down the IPTV route
  5. Willo3092

    Willo3092 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Looks like another good box coming onto the market. You would be pretty much future proofed with it.
    The specs are very good and it's got an Arm processor so it will be very fast.

    4K2K UHD 2160p, 1080p & True 3D
    2x HD Satellite (DVB-S2) Tuners + optional second tuner (DVB-T2/C)
    1.7GHz Dual-Core ARM Broadcom BCM 7252S CPU
    4GB Nand Flash, 2GB DDR4 RAM
    Linux Open Embedded, H.265
    Internal 2.5” SATA3 Hard Disk Drive Support, 2x USB 3.0 Ports
    Picture-In-Picture (2 HD PIP)
    1x Smart Card Reader & 1x Common Interface
    Gigabit Ethernet Port

    Comes with 2 sat tuners as standard with an option to have an extra cable/terrestrial tuner.

    As an alternative the Octagon SF4008 has similar specs:

    Broadcom Chip BCM 7251S
    12K DMIPS (12000) processor
    2 x 1700MHz Dual Core (2 x 1,7GHz)
    NAND Flash 4GB eMMC
    RAM 1GB DDR4
    HVEC / H.265 video decoding
    DVB-S2X standard support


    DVB-S2x DUAL (DVB-S2X Support) tuner
    DVB-C / T2 DUAL
  6. plinkos

    plinkos Registered

    Thanks all, I'm aware there's no HD on Sky feeds (hence the terrestrial tuner). I think I saw something somewhere about upscaling to HD in the hardware, I know it won't be as good but it may help!

    While I'm new to this particular scene, I work in IT (so Linux & all the connectivity stuff is not a problem) & I meddled with the original Xbox/Dreamcast & other console stuff back in the day.

    It's exactly as you said Willo3092, future proofing! Seems to be more RAM than many other boxes (though not all) & a fast CPU means it should be able to cope with most of what is thrown at it for a good few years!

    One other question (as you've all been accommodating so far), is there a size limit to accessible storage outside of the native file system limitations? I'm just wondering about holding recordings on a local HDD or carving a partition out on my NAS! Typically how compressed is an hours recording, is it the same as any mkv, mp4 or avi you'd find elsewhere?

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  7. southsimon

    southsimon TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    I don't know what the top size limit is? I saw on a US forum that the standard 500mb hard disk was swapped out for 8TB on a TiVo box. I tested using a 2TB on a spare box and had no issues, so I guess sky`s the limit literally !!
  8. Tonystark7

    Tonystark7 Registered

    Willo spoilt for choice go Octagon SF4008 when Openvix image becomes available or wait for this Technomate choices choices :dunno:
  9. lnoton

    lnoton Registered

    I've just ordered one of these. It's out for delivery now. What do you mean that it won't receive HD channels?

    I'm replacing my humax freesat box here in the UK. I assumed it would receive HD channels fine, I review of the older tm-twin suggests it handles HD channels fine.

    What am I missing here?
  10. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    it will do channels like bbc1 hd and bbc2 hd and others but it wont allow viewing of say sky sports or movies hd or some others gone to the dark side.
  11. lnoton

    lnoton Registered

    Ah thanks. That's understandable. Wasn't clear in the comments above, but I guess obvious to all except me lol.

    Hoping it's faster and better than this humax.

    Any good links guide to follow if I want to install custom images on it?

    Probably will leave it as it for the time being...but might get more adventurous in the new year.
  12. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    i never get adventurous and just use openvix image however if you are using a cam on box thinking it will have to be oscam.

    any custom images out not too sure for that box as a number of other boxes are getting custom images,look in the tm thread.
  13. lnoton

    lnoton Registered

    Cam oscam mean nothing to me. Will read up and learn.

    Thanks again, have a nice afternoon.
  14. kegnkiwi

    kegnkiwi Registered

    If you are looking only to replace a freesat box then I think you will be happy. It is possible to receive lots of those other channels that where maybe not available via your previous box. Your box should come with a preloaded image, depending where you bought it it may have openvix or openatv or even a 4d image. These are just varients of enigma 2 the operating system. Because you have bought a 4k box most if not all box's use arm chips to run them. When you want to open those nice channels you need to use a cam(softcam) to emulate the encryption. The most used cam on arm enigma 2 boxes is oscam. You will need to install a version of oscam which can be one by downloading from the box and if you get a server line from on the forum here you can put just a line of code into your box and it will open many channels fro you. Maybe you will be happy with just freesat but there are not many 4k channels on 28.2e just the test channels.
  15. lnoton

    lnoton Registered

    Thanks for the overview.

    In bought from Amazon. Hasn't turned up :-(.

    Hopefully tomorrow.
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  16. kegnkiwi

    kegnkiwi Registered

    I had just had a look on amazon and it does not say what image it come preloaded with. You will just have to wait until it arrives and see what is installed. A quick google will give you info on how to set up an enigma 2 box. First one on the list is this:

    Have a read but don't get two concerned scroll down where it starts from set up wizard as this will be the first thing that happens when you turn your box on.
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  17. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    you might want to edit that post, you're not allowed to post links to rival sites here :thumbsup:
  18. kegnkiwi

    kegnkiwi Registered

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  19. lnoton

    lnoton Registered

    Well I got it.

    Booted into a menu. Managed to tune in to on one tuner. Then controller became unresponsive.

    Powered down the box and restarted and I'm greated by a flashing green led and no picture.

    If flashes up and says 4th dimension then nothing.
  20. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    might have to read handbook as at a guess 4th dimension is one up on 3d?

    might have to try an ordinary lower spec channel like 720?