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Amiko Mini HD Combo Tutorial

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by bees, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. bees

    bees VIP Member

    This is a guide on how to set up the amiko mini combo box

    I am assuming you already know we need a live VM feed in order
    to use the cable side and a sat dish for the sat side.

    First you will need an F to Ariel connector

    f to ariel.jpg

    and a splitter if you only have a single cable coming into the house.

    Connect up the box, usual manner, hdmi, ethernet, ect.

    For cable screw the F to Ariel connector onto your VM feed and push into the RF in, sat feed into LNB in.

    Download the firmware,

    Unzip it, put it on a USB stick, put the stick in the box.

    On your Remote

    Menu - System - Upgrade by USB


    Flash the firmware, Upgrade Mode is ALL SW + Bootloader (Right button to scroll through)


    Next scan for channels

    Menu - Installation - Satellite Installation

    Right button to pick up Astra 28.2, either Green Button TP Scan or White Button Blind Scan will do

    P1010308.jpg P1010309.jpg

    Menu - Installation - Cable Installation

    Insert the first 4 digits of your net id into the frequency, so 50268 would become 502.6

    Insert your symbol rate

    flick through the QAM settings (Right button) until you get a green and yellow signal
    across the bottom of the screen, either Green Button Scan or White Button Blind Scan will do

    P1010310.jpg P1010311.jpg

    Next insert your line or lines

    Menu - Internet - Net Client Config

    Enter your Lines manually, make sure "active server" is green (OK button)

    P1010312.jpg P1010313.jpg

    If you are connected you should see this

    You can use, C, N or MG just make sure you have the correct protocol selected for your line
    in the emulator field.


    You can run Sat and Cable lines simultaneously.

    Welcome back glorious HD !!!!! lol

    You can post a request for a cable line here

    and a sat line here

    Finally, sort your channels into groups

    Menu - Service - Organizing Favourites


    Red Button (Group) - Satellite - Pick the Tuner you want to work on.


    Press FAV button on your remote, choose a group you want to sort to.

    Scroll down the left hand side, press OK and the channel will turn grey

    Then when you have chosen all the channels, press the big arrow in the middle of the screen

    You can use the pen icon at the bottom to rename the groups, you can also move the channels up and down the list too.


    When you have sorted everything and you want to use the groups

    Press OK, Red Button (group) on your remote, flick to the one you want to view


    For instance The top four groups on mine all read from the cable tuner, the bottom three
    read from the sat tuner
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  2. jon48

    jon48 Registered

    hi bees thats a good guide that u want to save it on here ..........
  3. lomu123

    lomu123 Registered

    Really good guide. Thanks a lot. Just trying to hunt down a gd cable line now.
  4. tommybelfast

    tommybelfast Registered

    Going to give this a try as got the box and lost as to what to do as only ever had starview or F5
  5. patelimran

    patelimran Registered

    nice instructions... very helpful
  6. noclue83

    noclue83 Registered

    Hi all. I've followed this excellent tutorial and have got as far as entering my line...however i am just constantly getting a "Log in failed" message when attempting to connect to the server. It's happening on 2 seperate servers and neither are reporting any faults so it must be me...or the box. Any ideas?
  7. Realist187

    Realist187 Registered

    is there a file for channel setup menu
  8. eileen

    eileen Registered

    brilliant, makes it look so easy, thanks for that post:)
  9. thenicnic

    thenicnic Registered

    Can not wait for my box to arrive. great post thanks bees
  10. Realist187

    Realist187 Registered

    Anybody know of any Irish based servers running newcamd etc.
  11. rajraju

    rajraju Hello Forum Supporter

    hi i thought hd lines were impossible, can 1 really get hd lines on this unit?
  12. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    no such thing as hd lines,sat channels as on 28.2 are limited to a few working hd channels,working on 19.2 if you have a motorised setup.
    cable hd were not affected.

    lines are for sat and could include sd and remainder of hd channels not affected by the move,but that include all in the future which is unknown to us.
  13. anniemay

    anniemay Registered

    hi bees i tried your guide above for cable intstallation i put my network id in freq then put my symbol rate flick through quam but not getting any signal if i input frenquency 316 and do a scan only getting 80 channels we have 184 channels on upc any idea what i am doing wrong thanks
  14. tyrell11

    tyrell11 Registered

    what channels will i have if i scan through cable i have virgin line
  15. nematomaji

    nematomaji Registered

    i hope it gonna work for me.

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    i hope it gonna work for me.
  16. davie61

    davie61 Registered

    no client config on new model how do i enter cline
  17. davie61

    davie61 Registered

    no client config on new model how do i enter cline
  18. bees

    bees VIP Member

    If you haven't got the "net client config "option on the right hand side of the menu

    you will need to update the firmware for your box first, think it is a different firmware version
    for your box than the combo in the tutorial.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2014
  19. davie61

    davie61 Registered

    it must be tried firmware fron tutorail and just said check version update error any idea were i can get right firmware update ??
  20. jode

    jode Registered

    Great info!
    Thanks bees