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Anyone recommend a good satellite server - March/April

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by wheelo, Mar 3, 2017.

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  1. Wardster55

    Wardster55 Member

    Hi there,

    I bought a UK cline for year and it was fab, but it has just expired and the provider is no longer contactable so looking for a good uk cline for an openbox v8s.

  2. Hi
    Could someone recommend me a cable line for a zgemma h2h looking for a test line first then prices going forward thanks in advance
  3. Mick 2706

    Mick 2706 Member

    Not sure how to work this site colberto
  4. ste

    ste TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Looking for a CCcam line for EURO MULTI SAT - Must have all packages available... most importantly on these satellites; 30w ~ 0.8w ~ 4.8e ~ 9e ~ 13e ~ 16e ~ 19.2e ~ 23.5e ~ 39e ... Nilesat on 7w and any others would be a bonus too ... PLEASE ONLY RELIABLE LINES WITH 48 HOUR TEST MINIMUM.
  5. Ferg

    Ferg Member

    Looking for a Zgemma N line for Sky UK please.
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  6. RichardStevo

    RichardStevo Member

    Hi There,
    Looking for a line for wooshbuild please? New to this but getting there i hope.
  7. Hi looking at prices for a line for a Zgemma h2 s box not got the kit yet just doing my homework first.
  8. colinpockets

    colinpockets Member

    Looking for a Zgemma 2s cline for Sky UK test line
  9. dan3460

    dan3460 Member

    Hi There,
    Looking for a line for Wooshbuild Sky UK please.
    Zgemma H2s Box.
    Would like to be able to test if possible?

    Thanks. :)
  10. Faztak

    Faztak Member

    Hi. Looking for two nlines for zgemma 2s UK please. 12 months. PayPal with vip or vets please with test line preferred. please quote price too. Thanks
  11. BarryD

    BarryD Member

    Hi. Looking for a line for zgemma h2s with whooshbuild sky uk. Need a test line for 48 hours (pls) as I'm new to all of this :). If I get it working would be looking for a couple of months to start
  12. mrbelkair

    mrbelkair Member

    Looking for new sub for 6 months. 1 twin tuner 1 single tuner. Anyone got a good freeze free test line?
  13. kezzagrace

    kezzagrace Member

    hi all looking for a c line for sat openbox v8s, uk
    a test line would be appreciated, cheers.
  14. Bongovr6

    Bongovr6 Member

    Required Nline for sly uk stable reliable supplier highly recommended supplier only 24hr test if possible
  15. ZedEx

    ZedEx Member

    Looking for a deal for 3 clines for Sly UK full package. 12 months
    Lines are for different boxes:
    VU Duo
    Vu duo 2
    Gigablue HD

  16. Superflyyy

    Superflyyy Member

    Looking for UK line for a Zgemma H.2S box. Need a test line first for 24 hours. PM please details.

    Edit: I am now sorted. Thank you all for your help.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2017
  17. geaton

    geaton Member

    Looking for a line for Sat H2s box

    Need a trial first please from VIP or longstanding member only no resellers. Ideally would like to be able to use multi room.

    Please also quote sub price

  18. kezzagrace

    kezzagrace Member

    hi guys just to let you all know im now sorted for a service.
    thanks for all your offers
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  19. Evilregmi

    Evilregmi Member

    I'm looking for 12months UK Cline for vigica c7s.(VIP or veterans only please)
    Would really appreciate a trial.
    Please also quote the price.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2017
  20. bill1312

    bill1312 Member

    Looking for line, I have zegemma h2s in Wales. would like trial line and require multi-room
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