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Anyone Recommend A Good Server For Cable - January/February/March 2018

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by benijofar, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Richardc

    Richardc Member

    Hi looking for a VM line box is set up don’t know about the keys help got all free channels working. Many thanks rich plus I might need help setting gift up
  2. montfort

    montfort Member

    Looking for UK cable line which allows oscam.
    Would only prefer server that uses 100% real local cards and not cache.

    2 or 3 day test preferred.

  3. aceshigh

    aceshigh Member Forum Supporter

    looking for 3 seperate nlines for virmin uk.......test line preferred 1st tho...cheers....old supplier let me down...
  4. watsondesign

    watsondesign Member

    looking for a N line test please, have just got the box set up so would like to make sure everything is working perfectly before commiting! Thanks
  5. marko1887

    marko1887 Member

    Hi, I would like an N line to try for 24 hours as my previous supplier seems to have disappeared and appears to have been banned.

  6. freedom417

    freedom417 Member

    Hi there looking for a C Line for UK, 24hr tester required, prices per month / year and single or multi room please.
    Thank you in advance.
  7. jobbers

    jobbers Member

    I am looking for a a reliable vm line please, thanks
  8. Rizzy Pig

    Rizzy Pig Member

    Looking for a 24 hour test line for VM. Any help would be great.
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  9. mrbelkair

    mrbelkair Member

    Looking for excellent quality glitch/freeze free uk cable. Will need cws.
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  10. ptd2819

    ptd2819 Member

    Looking for vm n line, trial required first. After reliable service. Thanks.
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  11. gilmore06d

    gilmore06d Member

    looking for VM LINE IRELAND
  12. glass

    glass Member

    Require a U.K. Nline for 12 months with a test for at least 24 hours.
    Previous supplier has let me down.
  13. Valefan89

    Valefan89 Member

    Looking for a good cable line with free trial am on ipab build
  14. Valefan89

    Valefan89 Member

    Looking for a good cable line with free trial am on ipab build
  15. Djones6969

    Djones6969 Member

    Hi im looking for a vm test line
  16. elephantman

    elephantman Member

    Looking for a vm line. Using h2h
  17. Valefan89

    Valefan89 Member

    I really need help.. I've got wooshbuild on. I've gone to FileZilla and I have absolutely no idea how to put the n line on.. I think it's newcamd
    Any help would be appreciated I'm at a loss
  18. naeem111

    naeem111 Member

    Hi im looking for a vm test line, i got a ipab build
  19. Bobdillan

    Bobdillan Member

    Hi, looking for a monthly/yearly line. PleasE include a test line. Previous supplier was really good, but has disappeared.

    Thank you.
  20. jdf-shred

    jdf-shred Member

    Looking for a stable VM line with 48 hour test preferably. Cheers