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Anyone Recommend A Good Server For IPTV - October/November/December 2017

Discussion in 'IPTV Guides Support and Discussions' started by wheelo, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. mikes01666

    mikes01666 Member

    As above: looking for an iptv UK sub for zgemma h2.s with full EPG and ability to record please. Single box. Trial please.
  2. deeloughran

    deeloughran Member

    UK IPTV Sub with 3pm kick offs for Xtrend 8000 please
  3. aintgotaclue

    aintgotaclue Member

    I have a LG smart TV and smart IPTV app downloaded. I need a good reliable server who give a testline. For skyuk.
  4. KEV1

    KEV1 Member

    Hi - m3u required for IPTV on smart TV app.
    Trial required - thanks
  5. jt81

    jt81 Member

    Anyone able to offer a free IPTV trial for Perfect Player?
  6. Paul07am

    Paul07am Member

    Looking for a UK sub that isn't going to stop after a week would be nice. Is this the place to request a sub?

    Any joy? I'm looking same
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 6, 2017
  7. jt81

    jt81 Member

    Anyone offer a 1/3 month IPTV trial?
  8. Glengorm_14

    Glengorm_14 Member

    Im looking for UK IPTV sub for my Mag256. Looking for sports, movies and VOD.
  9. AlJ

    AlJ Member

    Hi - looking for a new sub to replace current which has been pretty good but they’ve been closed down and like many I’m now affected by loss of channels when epl matches are on. Running a zgemma h2s without a vpn currently. Want sports, movies, full uk channels and vod would be good. Need a test day at a weekend to check out signal on match day. Message please with prices and details.
  10. Chriseve41

    Chriseve41 Member

    Hi there,
    I am looking for a UK Iptv sub for a zgemma h2s - want it to include channels for sports, movies, etc
    Preferably a line that is not buffering all the time etc
    Thank you

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  11. craig1290

    craig1290 Member

    Looking for a sub for mag box sports vod ect without the need for vpn preferebally
  12. nicktv

    nicktv Member

    Looking for an IPTV provider for a MAG 256 box.

    ONLY get in touch if you can provide the following channels:

    - ALL UK (including sports and 3pm kickoffs)
    - ALL Asian
    - ALL Portuguese

    I am considering a worldwide, yearly subscription.

    Thank you.
  13. babs2020

    babs2020 Member

    looking for subs for zgemea s2 with out vpn all uk vod
  14. lexluth0r

    lexluth0r Member

    Looking for Sly UK provider with EPG and the option to record.
  15. illdoit

    illdoit Member

    Looking for UK channels + VOD for an enigma 2 STB.

    Possibility to add a second subscription if 1st one is reliable.
  16. Cashman

    Cashman Member

    Hi Guys - looking for a new sub to replace current which has been pretty good but they’ve been closed down Yesterday. I am running a zgemma i55 without a vpn . i Want mainly sports with full epg full uk channels and vod would be good. the ability to record / pause would be great. I would need a test day at a weekend to check out signal on match day. Thanks
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  17. slugggerzzz

    slugggerzzz Member

    Looking for iptv provider all channels using MAG box will require 24hour test please. Would like all channels please
  18. Jemmy

    Jemmy Member

    Hi guys, looking a reliable iptv provider, my last provider which was actually really good got shut down yesterday, nightmare!

    Running on fire stick with perfect player or smart iptv apps, looking uk sports, vod, kids channels mainly, without epl blocks or buffering, USA sports channels would also be handy...oh and epg
  19. Evilzeon

    Evilzeon Member

    Looking for iptv uk sub m3u links for PP with all uk channels / 3pm games / VOD / EPG

  20. ted22_8

    ted22_8 Member

    Hi guys, looking for a reliable iptv line for a zgemma 2s box using vix with full epg and good bouquets setup (running a script via putty preference).
    Would like Irish channels, sports (inc working 3pm KOs) & movies, ppv etc.
    Also SD channels a bonus incase of any broadband speed issues
    Would need trial run first please.


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