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Blade 8000 or 7000 combo

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM8000 Combo' started by beed, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. beed

    beed Member

    Anyone know who has any stock of these boxes?
  2. maff

    maff VIP Member

    Hello mate. I've owned both boxes. And for what you pay for them, you might as well get an enigma2 based receiver. There are plenty of combo types to look at for the same sort of price,offering a much better experience in my opinion.
  3. fordiemufc

    fordiemufc Member

    don't bother with the 8000 the lack of support is shocking plus its hard to get hold of now a mate of mate is trying for one and no none seems to stock it.
  4. beed

    beed Member

    The reason I like the blades is that once set up, I don't have to do anything! Setting them up is easy as well

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  5. beed

    beed Member

    They've stopped making them.....blade 5000 neo is their latest one.

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  6. retromobiles

    retromobiles Member

    Hi lads ive got the bm7000 combo
    I'm looking for a virmed channel list for Dublin or instuctions on tuning it in manually.. I've tried a few different options but can't seem to get all the cable channels for some reason
    Any and all help is appreciated