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Blade Media BM7000s-14-05-12-86x.zip Patched Version.

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM7000s' started by HiTeck, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. HiTeck

    HiTeck Administrator Staff Member

    Now in Downloads

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    BM7000s Patched Ver - May 14 2012

    1.You Tube compatibility fixed.

    2.Blade Online updated.

    3.Rare system halt fixed.

    4.Videoshare updated.
  2. r0pper

    r0pper Member

    link sends you to download BM7000s Mar 14 2012 83x zip
  3. HiTeck

    HiTeck Administrator Staff Member

    Link fixed thanks.
  4. GerrardLFC

    GerrardLFC Member

    this new firmware still has problem of the past. when power off by remote (red button, standby), soometimes the box will not go off, so the next time u wanna watch something, box will not power up by remote, so u have to power off by the switch on the back and then power on again.
  5. jimshrapnel

    jimshrapnel Member

    What's the www.blademedia.tv channel, used for? I assume it's like the 7 Day PG Download?
  6. jigster

    jigster Member

    hi , total newbie here, whats the difference between the "cccam & newcamd" i've just received the box & have got the free to air channels no probs i'm now wanting to get some "sport channels ;)" and i'm reading c-lines & n-lines , kinda getting lost a wee bit, thanks
  7. GerrardLFC

    GerrardLFC Member

    cccam & newcamd, these are protocols. Both these protocols will work on blade. im no expert, but people say newcamd is harder to trace compared to cccam. So you will need to subscribe to any of these protocols in order to view encrypted channels like sports and movies etc. Try google search with these protocols :)
  8. Hank2714

    Hank2714 Member

    Will this patched firmware work on the DM500S?
  9. brickie

    brickie Member

    @ Gerrard LFC, as I mentioned on another thread it is not a bug that there is a delay between the box being put into standby and you being able to turn it back on again.

    It is not crashing, it is simply saving the epg data to your usb stick and it takes around 30 seconds. During this time you can't do anything with the box because it is busy. Then when you turn it back on it takes around 30 seconds to load it back in again. It says all this on the blade website.

    If you dont want to wait, don't have a usb stick in the back and then it wont save, and everything will be instant.
  10. sheldont

    sheldont Member

    how do i access the porn thats hidden ??
    also my youtube wont work..... says connecting but then fails.....
    any help ??
  11. kaassh

    kaassh Member

    hi there is this with 9991 ?? thanks
  12. kaassh

    kaassh Member

    youtube working fine its working good thanks
  13. sheldont

    sheldont Member

    hi guys...... quite new to all this so bear with me..... iv loaded the latest firmware for this (not this patched version) and my youtube fails..... also the epg doesnt always show......
    will this patched version of the firmware solve these probs ??
  14. sheldont

    sheldont Member

    alos whats diffrence with this version in downloads & the version on blade medias website ?? cheers
  15. GerrardLFC

    GerrardLFC Member

    this version has the 9991 server menu, firmwares on blade website does NOT have the server menu of 9991
  16. HiTeck

    HiTeck Administrator Staff Member

    With this version youtube should work and so should the epg after pressing the yellow button in any channel listing, i.e >> press OK then in any particular group press the yellow button and wait for it to update..
  17. sheldont

    sheldont Member

    loaded the patched version on to it youtube & epg version working fine now .... but...... no 9991 menu working ???? any ideas ??
  18. HiTeck

    HiTeck Administrator Staff Member

    Can't be the patched version then, make sure you download the correct one.
  19. AdiLLy

    AdiLLy Member

    I presume this is the latest? Is it stable? Let the fun begin! :willy nilly:
  20. Pioneer

    Pioneer Member

    latest version working fine for me. Even the stream function is great.

    Thanks for all the useful posts