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How to enter cline into blade media, picture guide.

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM7000s' started by bobby123, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. nomez

    nomez Member

    Is the tutorial the same for install a N line into a BM7000?
  2. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Yes, just make sure you set the "protocol" to newcamd for N lines
  3. sirmikey6478

    sirmikey6478 Member

    Hi I've tried all above! I get channel list but all scrambled. Do I have to buy a gift? For this box blade media bm7000 combo. Got live feed going in vm signal strength 92%. Any help would be great ful.
  4. Madbood

    Madbood Member

    Thank you very helpful :eek:) you D Man.
  5. wakojako0809

    wakojako0809 Member

    i have no 9991 menu after firmware update can anyone give me the heads up please
  6. horne65

    horne65 Member

    None of this makes any sense to me, all I was sent was a newcamd.list & a cccam.cfg. I don't remember having to go through any of this last time I did it.
  7. bees

    bees VIP Member

    You put your line in manually in the BM7000, it is a pretty old box now.

    Open the file you have with notepad, write down your line details
    and then enter them manually.


    N: bestserver.com 12450 newcustomer-1111 qwert_12345 01 02 03 04 05 ........14

    will break down as

    Address: bestserver.com

    The numbers counting to 14 is the deskey and will be automatically filled in if you are using the Newcamd protocol

    Look for the "spaces" in your line then you will see where the line breaks into it's four parts
  8. horne65

    horne65 Member

    Thanks for your help, can you help with another problem please? I have just updated the bm8000 firmware from bm site and now no 9991.
  9. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Official Blade Media firmware doesn't have the 9991 option.

    You need a patched version of it.

    There is one in the download section here

    You need the 109p version.
  10. Welsh_Wizard

    Welsh_Wizard Member

    Hi Bees,

    How do I get the cline details to input - Do I need to offer a gift?


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    Can anyone PM us with either a good cline or nline supplier for vm cable, thanks....
  11. mald1984

    mald1984 Member

    Hi does any 1 no how i update my amiko box most off the channels r away from about 6months ago tryed updating from usb but nothings happenin starting to feel lost now lol can anybody help me out plz thanks

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  12. si2809

    si2809 Member

    pressed red but still not connecting. still shows disconnected. rebooted.
    still not working.help please
  13. Welsh_Wizard

    Welsh_Wizard Member


    Can anyone help??

    Can anyone PM us with either a good cline or nline supplier for vm cable, thanks....
  14. seanmac00

    seanmac00 Member


    Downloaded the latest firmware update for the 7000s, but still no server option when pressing 9991.
    Does it specifically have to be the 109p version?

  15. 1234maxcom

    1234maxcom Member

    You might have entered incorrect credentials when it keeps disconnecting

    GLENNHGV Member

    connect to server but no picture, any thoughts
  17. Gillian4andy

    Gillian4andy Member

    12 Month VM - cable gift warranty - For Zgemma, Vu, Amiko and others. *3 rooms*


    Look at this on eBay:

    12 Month VM - cable gift warranty - For Zgemma, Vu, Amiko and others. *3 rooms*
  18. swami207

    swami207 Member

    i am triying to put 9991 but nothing happen can u help me

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    i have blade bm 7000s
  19. Marti4578

    Marti4578 Member

    Guys I'm wondering what do you enter in the address if you don't have an ip address? Would something like this go in tvmedia.tech go in? Although it's numbers that are needed?
  20. lloffty5

    lloffty5 Member

    if the box is flashed with the official blade firmware then the 9991 option will not work, the box needs flashing with a third party firmware with 9991 option.ready available from the download section on this forum

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    can you be more specific as to what your trying to enter and into where, we can help a bit more with more info