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mtpockets OpenATV4.2 for Zgemma Star 2S 20150403

Discussion in 'Zgemma-star 2S' started by mtpockets, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. egm

    egm Member

    Give it ago

  2. daryl_gers05

    daryl_gers05 Member

    cant download

    hi, cant seem to get the download to work?
  3. Andrew1112

    Andrew1112 Member

    hi anyone tell me how to play anything i recorded
  4. Gerrymander

    Gerrymander Member

    On remote - FILE LIST
  5. Lamzey

    Lamzey Member

    Hi folks, does anyone know how to get a multi-sat channel list on this set-up or succmsea's Vix? any help with Multi-sat channel list really apreciated
  6. chriscarey70

    chriscarey70 Member

    Still using this i love it thanks mtpockets. If it aint broke why mess
    Ota updates no longer supported
    But hey ho

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  7. bcole4

    bcole4 Member

    Hi, I've channels loaded but in wrong order and sky channels blank, what should I do?
  8. mtpockets

    mtpockets TK Veteran

    Hi Guys

    Sorry but MTPockets OpenATV Build for the Zgemma 2S is no longer available
    It was significantly out of date and I don't have the time to produce a new version.

    Please instead consider either following KiddaC's step by step (Guinea Pigs) guide to set up your own box exactly as you want it.


    Install one of the other wonderful backups available here on Techkings
    such as Wooshbuilds ATV or Sucmnsees Vix

    I'm still here on the forum and will continue to help out where & when I can.

    Hopefully this build will have helped many get into the wonderful world of Enigma2 and brought many of you to this fantastic site that is TechKings.

    To all that used MTPockets backups best regards, good luck and Peace Out!

  9. kinghamza143

    kinghamza143 Member

    i there anywhere i can download this firmware from

    where can i download this firmware
  10. gtmadmark

    gtmadmark Member

    zgemmma full reflash needed for star 2s

    need a full reflash for atv for zgemma star 2 s with slky skin, can you help me