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New sucmnsee latest vix backup zgemma - 2s-s-h1-h2

Discussion in 'Zgemma-star 2S' started by sucmnsee, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. sucmnsee

    sucmnsee TK Veteran

    Over 30,000 downloads from Techkings.org members. Thank you guys and hope I've helped. Enjoy :)

    Backup of Vix 4.1.001 17/04/2016 for zgemmastar 2s (will work fine on h1, h2 & s too ) NOT H2s, Hs, H2h VERSION BOXS.
    Includes Kiddacs wonderful sky skin

    EPG tabs and EPG Numbers

    Please do not pester kiddac with questions on his skin if using this setup as a lot of it has been changed or as he'd say fecked!
    He'll Hate what ive done with the place but its easy to change to your preference or look at his page for how it was intended. See his thread post 520 For anyone wanting to set it the way it was originally http://www.techkings.org/zgemma-sta...rsion-1-available-download-26.html#post448501

    I get comments about using tspanel for doing anything other than installing new or old plugins (most users wont need).
    I dont and dont recommend that.
    Use cams directly not through tspanel. :) :) :)

    This download now includes 1 folder and 1 zip/rar file.

    if updating by usb use the zgemma folder on usb as usual.

    if using the non usb method use the sucmnsee zip/rar file.

    ftp this zip file to /hdd/imagebackups/
    (create the folder if needed)

    image manager
    blue to restore :)

    go back and follow earlier instructions for usb setup etc

    Epg Tabs added
    Timeshift disabled for stability and memory hogging

    all plugins up to date.
    all frequencies up to date

    Set with mgcamd1.38. & cccam2.3 and with all mg_cfg and newcamd.list and CCcam.cfg files needed in place! Just edit ur details in and reboot! DO NOT SEND YOUR FILES IN. EDIT WHATS ALREADY THERE!

    Do not online update Vix on any box from Airsat (ibox/zgemma). I have updates turned off anyway.

    (If the box boots up without flashing you have usb issue so ask in forum for help :)

    so first unrar the file and use ur fat32 formatted standard usb to put the "zgemma" folder on.
    turn off box
    insert flash usb in rear
    boot up. Box should take 3-5 minutes to flash and MAY say FLASH on front when flashing. occasionally when flashing the front panel may remain blank, just give it 15 minutes in case. IT MAY STILL BE FLASHING.
    box will reboot when finished
    No need to press front power button or anything.

    OK. Basically u need a usb or hard drive that can be wiped and devoted to the box.
    That will store program guide and recordings and timeshift to rewind TV etc.
    4gb is minimum I'd recommend. But more is better.
    Once image is flashed and u edit ur newcamd.list file in usr/keys or CCcam.cfg in /etc with DCC.
    Get the permanent USB/hdd onto a PC and quick format it.

    Box off.
    Usb in rear.
    Box on.
    Storage devices
    Select ur drive
    Red to initialise
    Exit all

    Swapfile manager
    Blue to create 256mb. Wait
    Yellow to autostart
    Green to start
    Red to close.
    Hold power button on remote for 3 secs and select Restart (not GUI)

    If you find that the screen is to large/small/off to side :
    User interface
    Position setup
    U can change about here. Including transparency of windows.
    If not working change to 720p and 50hz and try again.

    (If u are using a large enough usb/HDD u may want to go to
    Timeshift settings
    Autostart ts after 30secs or whatever.
    As it is u must press pause to start timeshift)

    Service searching
    Autobouquets maker
    Providers. Wait
    Sky UK (sd):area. Change from northern ireland custom to your area custom by pressing right or left.
    Green to save.
    Start scan. Wait.
    Exit all
    Hold power Restart

    Cross EPG
    Download now. Takes 5-10 mins. Will seem like its stuck on Loading Data. Wait.
    Happens automatically at 6.20 am anyway.
    Exit all
    Hold power again and restart.

    auto bouquets setup
    auto epg update set
    cross epg setup to hdd
    service scanning set to custom and HD replaced where possible
    Includes mgcamd, cccam, openwebif, picture player, mediaportal, tspanel, dreamexplorer, Media scanner, permanent vfd clock, iptvplayer, cacheflush.

    TSMedia, kodidirect and youtube plugins add manually. works best.
    press plugins
    green to download.
    select and install. simples :)

    Download here: http://www.techkings.org/downloads.php?do=file&id=568

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  2. Rabby77

    Rabby77 Registered

    Just checking

    Hi just ordered a new h.2s from ebay now there is someone finally selling them, just want to know wether sucmnsees latest vix update which went on tonight will be compatible as i've heard different things wether it would work or not. if not I take it i'll have to go with open atv????
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2015
  3. wheelo

    wheelo Super Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter

    You could have posted in that thread for him to tell you himself, post moved
  4. sucmnsee

    sucmnsee TK Veteran

    Stil waiting on mine. I dont know if image will work or not but would advise against trying until someone says differently.
    Theres raw vix images available from zgemma .tv. and when i get one I'll do an image. But could be week or two before i get.
  5. boobishabang

    boobishabang TK Veteran

    2S images dont work on the H2S ;)
  6. Time-Lord

    Time-Lord Registered

    working great, thanks for all the hard work
  7. sucmnsee

    sucmnsee TK Veteran

    All feedback good or bad always appreciated:)
  8. kiddac


    he's sending my OCD wild. what have you done to my beautiful skin .... ;)
  9. sucmnsee

    sucmnsee TK Veteran

    Lmfao. You know u just wish you'd done it like that already!! lol

    Sorry dude. But sure they can change what they need to ;)

    ---------- Post Merged at 10:36 PM ----------

    P.s your skin does seem to leave so much more running memory free. Sits arround 40%. So much better than old skin. Havnt noticed much speed difference probably due to all the plugins installed. But never expect these to be flying machines. Respect again for great work. Before i got at it ;)
  10. kiddac


    and he still doesn't know how to take screenshots with openwebif. :haha:

    type your ip address into your computers address bar. and bingo. openwebif opens. Grab screenshot is on the left. right click and save to computer. then upload here for nice clean images.

    When I was testing your old build on VIX, software updates were fine. It just changes your box from a zgemma to er...something else. I had no problems with them.

    You forgot some instructions. How to Reposition your screen.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2015
  11. sucmnsee

    sucmnsee TK Veteran

    Edited. Cheers
    Oh yeh i made that positioner screen look really bad with transparency :(
    Ah well only have to look at it once lol
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2015
  12. kiddac


    if you edit the transparency on the positioner page it effects every element in the skin. epg, info bar, eventview etc. It makes everything look bad and washed out. It should be set a 255.
  13. sucmnsee

    sucmnsee TK Veteran

    See i knew you could keep them right!! lol
    Its the only one i noticed but sure instructions to set it if annoying. Its probably just cause i spend so much time in menus but watching background lol
  14. microbar

    microbar Registered

    Thanks for the new backup Sucmnsee looks really good and fast too. However. There is a problem I am having with changing my region provider.
    I have change from northern ireland custom to my area custom by pressing right or left.
    But my region tyne tees refuses to show up. I end up with Granada region for some reason.
    I have gone through your instructions and then restarted the box but no joy.
    This is really doing my head in.
    Any suggestions thanks..
  15. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    If you don't have the hd version in your area it goes to granada the only way to change it is by changing channel swap to no
  16. sutty86

    sutty86 Registered

    Gotta say thank you sucm and also big thanks to kiddac for allowing people like sucm to play around.Cant thank you guys enough
    Tried openatv for literally an hour sucks compared to vix
  17. sbyrn4

    sbyrn4 Registered

    Thinking of switching to vix, lots of folk saying it's better than openatv but nobody has been specific as to why.

    What would be the main reason?

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  18. sutty86

    sutty86 Registered

    I would write a new thread mate to be honest as the debate will hog this particular thread.1.Speed noticed skipping through channels faster
    2.simplicity all menus are easier to navigate and mod IMHO
    3.ability to record multiple shows plus watch
    4.everyone who owns a zgemma I know state zgemma is better to be honest I think it's down to personal opinion.

    Why don't you backup your atv and flash this only takes 20mins from start to finish
    Make sure you copy your details for.your line instead of replacing

    ---------- Post Merged at 11:58 AM ----------

    Struggling with piconsI've downloaded and unzipped folder picons to main hdd folder,followed your instructions and no show

    ---------- Post Merged at 12:08 PM ----------

    Sorry to be a bother also cannot find tsmedia on plugins
  19. microbar

    microbar Registered

    Yeah thanks for that m8 all working on region now.
  20. moonhead79

    moonhead79 Registered

    Thanks sucmnsee, I will try this tonight!
    What's different between your slightly amended Skin from Kiddac version 1.73 skin?