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Starview hd combo

Discussion in 'Starview' started by jon48, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    no room q of boxes waiting on free sat line,wonder is there bigger than an octo?
  2. electral

    electral Member

    Should haxe said you need to enter c.s.newcamd.etc.
  3. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    i saw your post there that needs this file carling+f531-1207.zip very nice if it works for others.
  4. electral

    electral Member

    Yep works fine I'd forgotten what decent cable tuners they have & how easy to setup with c/s,it's nearly 3 years since last used on c/s.
  5. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    the only starview box that gets my seal of approval:thumbsup:
  6. electral

    electral Member

    jon48.your p/m box is full but in answer to your question 2 times yes.
  7. chris101079

    chris101079 Member

    hi if i put this on will i be abel to put n line on box
  8. electral

    electral Member

    Yes m8.
  9. rossy

    rossy Member

    So this file only works on lan not cable!!
    how do i download this file??? Please
  10. paulkenken

    paulkenken Member

    i have a starview7 and want to use cable uk. its a march 2015 box. where can i get latest firmware please
  11. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    there are 2 starview combo boxes out there,first models have no lan/internet port so fta only

    later combos have the lan port so you can do cardsharing with these.


    starview 7 is locked to their servers,get a better box and then choose what server you need.
    try starview section in downloads for the latest file.
  12. paulkenken

    paulkenken Member

    means nothing to methanks for reply. does starview 7 carling 1.04 mean anything to y

    thanks for reply.

    does starview 7 carling 1.04 mean anything to you.

    told if i put this on my starview 7 via the usb it will work. at moment all channels show scrambled

    starview 7 came with 2 years subscription. march 2015

    i am in uk are you.

    what do you think i should purchase

    many thanks


  13. pieeater2015

    pieeater2015 Member

    I have been playing with a starview hd combo lan,I know its an old box but i was bored and just passing time,It had the latest carling on it every thing works as it should but the box just keeps restarting.I tried flashing an old firmware,The box still was restarting,flash back to the latest firmware still the same,I used the tool for the mac fix and loaded HD300N_SC_RS232_1013.bin on to the box,still restarting.i have read a lot of posts about the box and would have tried the grooverider method but that .UAD is impossible to get, the link for it is the same everywhere and the download is dead.Anyone got a method or files i could try .Thanks
  14. pieeater2015

    pieeater2015 Member

    could do with, Starview_HD_Combo_+_0128.uad if anyone can help
  15. pieeater2015

    pieeater2015 Member

    it ended up being the capacitors on the power supply,All the files you need though can be found in IWASBOREDONEDAY

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