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Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by xyxy, May 16, 2015.

  1. Hand

    Hand Member

    Also looking for a VM Ireland test line!

    Would really appreciate a PM with a supplier offering solid lines.
  2. dizzler

    dizzler Member

    Sent a PM to you
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  3. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    we have 2 sections cable and sat only post in there for what you need.
  4. dropzone

    dropzone Member

    Hi all,
    Currently have a zegemma H2S but I'm going to buy a H2H over the next few days.
    Looking for a VM Ireland line supplier to give me a price list and channel list if possible.
  5. duo2ireland

    duo2ireland Member

    Hi Guys,

    Thinking of putting a cable tuner in my Duo2. In the Carlow area. Can someone PM a price list and channel list also, would help if they also had a netid as I don't know anyone with VM tv in in the area :(
  6. Jim1088

    Jim1088 Member

    Anyone cable setup in the Waterford area pm me
  7. corny164

    corny164 Member

    Quick question. The Virmin 'point' i have looks like it has two feeds (similar to the picture). Only one is used for the broadband but i'm wondering is the other live and can it be used to connect to a set top box?[​IMG]
  8. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    You certainly can ;-)
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  9. mit2012

    mit2012 Member

    How much are vir Ireland subs
  10. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    No Idea pal, I do know there's only a few Servers for ROI
    Try the request section for cable.
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  11. jdsour

    jdsour Member

    Anyone have a netid for Swords, Dublin?
  12. jdsour

    jdsour Member

    Got the net ID ( 43216 If anyone is looking) Did a scan with abm about 196 showed up, noticed im missing all BT Sports channels an ideas how to find them?
  13. duo2ireland

    duo2ireland Member

    I didnt think BT was available on Virmin or Eircon, just Sly?
  14. jdsour

    jdsour Member

    oh, you might be right, first time setting up Virmin
  15. duo2ireland

    duo2ireland Member

    are FTA channels like RTE1 blocked on Virmin if you dont have a sub??
  16. jdsour

    jdsour Member

    Looking for a VM nline for ROI, 24hr test if possible
  17. Craigfarmer90

    Craigfarmer90 Member

    No it can't the port in the left is an fm port a splitter is needed for the right port
  18. Craigfarmer90

    Craigfarmer90 Member

    No the port on the left is for fm. U will need to get a 2way splitter and split the cable from the port on the right
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  19. jdsour

    jdsour Member

    Do UK lines defo not work in Ireland? I have a UK provider tell me he has Irish customers and that his line should work, have tested it and no joy.
  20. Bach

    Bach Member

    Nope only off Irish