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Anyone Recommend A Good Server For Cable - January/February/March 2018

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by benijofar, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. itsmeyaC

    itsmeyaC Member

    after a 24hr test line for vm, nline please.
  2. clarkenuttal

    clarkenuttal Member

    Require test n-line. Must be glitch free & reasonably priced, have ppe and all channels working. My current line coming to end soon so want to get things in order.
    Test line may be requested from selected people
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  3. Iced_Ink

    Iced_Ink Member

    Looking for a c line that will give hd channels as they seem to be leaving the nest
  4. Shabz123

    Shabz123 Member

    Hey guys, my line with my current provider just ended and they no longer provide lines as they've gone solely IPTV. So i'm hoping to find a UK cable line which can live up to the reliability of my previous provider. I require a UK n-line and a test would be much appreciated as I already have everything set up and ready to go! Thank You! :]
  5. Jungubread

    Jungubread Member


    Nline for uk virmin required pls... pm me pls
  6. taztaz

    taztaz Member

    Hi all
    am looking for a vermin line test 24 hours . the one i have currently is freezing more than it works.
    tia !!
  7. Artfull Bodger

    Artfull Bodger Member Forum Supporter

    N line test and sub prices , for uk please
  8. Shoaib2000

    Shoaib2000 Member

    I need a C Line which is reliable and affordable can some one point me in the right direction please?
  9. Pauliep

    Pauliep Member

    hi can someone help me out with a newcamd for vm cable running h2h need 3 lines
  10. flanzer

    flanzer Member

    Hi, looking for a VM C Line for ROI/Dublin. Test line please also. Paypal too. Thanks
  11. Pauliep

    Pauliep Member

    need a vm newcamd line 2 boxes one house please
  12. superbluedub

    superbluedub Member

    still looking for vm line for southern Ireland , anyone out there ??
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  13. tomsk

    tomsk Member

    Hi need a new nline for vm cable running h2h in uk, my line is freezing all the time, would like 24hr test and will paypal if all ok.
    Thanks in advance
  14. Wolfman89

    Wolfman89 Member

    looking at getting a new line, would like HD channels, glitch free and to work with a zGemma box.
  15. marko1887

    marko1887 Member

    Hi my old line has now gone off and old supplier is not responding.

    I would like a test N line please for zGemma H2h for Birmingham

    Also please let me know if you have other options if all the channels are to go dark

  16. dylanw89

    dylanw89 Member


    Looking for a new line for VM. Running on zgemma h2h

    Test line first please
  17. PracticalPet

    PracticalPet Member


    12 month sub is up so looking for a test Vermin NLINE and a Sly Nline if possible

  18. PracticalPet

    PracticalPet Member


    12 month sub is up so looking for a test Vermin NLine and a Sly NLine if possible

  19. Nick Devine

    Nick Devine Member

    Looking for a cws cable uk line. Thanks

    HAPPYSV Member

    Looking for vm nline glitch free with 3 or 6 months sub.