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Anyone Recommend A Good Server For Cable - January/February/March 2018

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by benijofar, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. accord

    accord Member

    Also looking for IPTV Sub with epg . Please pm
  2. joe516

    joe516 Member

  3. battlecat123

    battlecat123 Member

    Test line please for cws test line for virgin please
    Lots of freezing issues on lesser channels currently
  4. returnofjim

    returnofjim Member

    Looking for a UK n line with a test first. Thanks.
  5. nims076

    nims076 Member

    Looking for N line test on VM and sub prices. This is for UK please
  6. yasaa

    yasaa Member

    looking for a VM uk london line will want a test line first
  7. SnowDonkey

    SnowDonkey Member

    Looking for a UK VM line - can be either be an N: or a C: - Details appreciated. Thanks!
  8. blinky3i

    blinky3i Member

    Looking for a Cline test please current provider has just expired and looking to try a different server.
  9. jfoxon88

    jfoxon88 Member

    im looking for a vm line to test and hopefully purchase
  10. Dogmeat

    Dogmeat Member

    I am looking for N line for VM cable on H2H in UK, would like 24hr test first please.
  11. worrabs

    worrabs Member

    Looking for 24 hour CWS cable test line with prices for 12 months subs after test expires
  12. frekills

    frekills Member

    Looking for a test N line with price for 12 month for vm zgemma
  13. davsmith64

    davsmith64 Member

    Hi folks,
    Could anyone recommend me a good vm test line provider please
    thanks in advance,
  14. RobBoberts

    RobBoberts Member

    Looking for a UK (North West) VM line for Kryptview A780. DM pls.
  15. vodka25

    vodka25 Member

    looking for solid vm uk line any good tests or panels welcomed for trial
  16. chigga

    chigga Member

    Looking for a test N line with price for 12 month for vm UK (south east)
  17. bourney10

    bourney10 Member

    Looking for a freeze free test N line with price for 12 month for vm UK (south wales region)
  18. Ozzo76

    Ozzo76 Member

    Hi I'm looking a good reliable vm line prefer a test line as well..

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  19. andsumm

    andsumm Member

    VM N line 24 hr test line please.
  20. Window

    Window Member

    VM UK N Please, VETS Only, thanks.