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Cable Biohead Image - OpenATV 6.1 with VSkin - Cable only

Discussion in 'Zgemma Star H.2H' started by Biohead, May 3, 2016.

  1. Biohead

    Biohead Member

    It will flash - but it's setup for cable only. The h2s only has satellite tuners so you'd have to reconfigure everything to use them.

    Your best bet is something like whooshbuild - go to the H2s forums (you're in the H2H section) and you'll get better answers in there.
  2. onthejazz

    onthejazz Member

    Evening all,
    I have been a member on here for 2days now, my zgemma h2h came today, downloaded this image and flashed it. Got a test line to play with.
    Have to say its all works straight forward no issues (so far) with the image,

    Had to work out where to but the line lol, i have tried 2 thing and not sure which one made it work so i have left it alone, I pasted the CWS line in the "Line_Goes_Here" and i also changed the name of the file to the CWS info. One made it work.

    as it working am not touching it. lol

    - - - Updated - - -

    spoke to soon, had 2 blue screen crashes,

    not sure if it was me playing, as i have a 2tb WD ext drive plugged in for recording. I have wiped the drive and tested a recording which worked. so i set some recordings for next program, went back 20min later and it won't show me the file its recorded, when i try and set another recording it tell me the drive is full or can't write to it.

    Can the Zgemma support a 2TB drive?
  3. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    It should do. Have you initialised the hard drive and mounts showing media/hdd?

    Blue Button
    Harddisk/Harddisk Setup press right Initialization choose your device and press red to initialise

    To check mounts press menu, Infopanel, Plugins, mount manager it should show mount media/hdd if not press green to setup mounts press right to change to media/hdd green to save box should reboot.

    Check recording location menu, setup, recording and timeshift, recording settings Default movie location should be media/hdd
  4. onthejazz

    onthejazz Member

    cheers for that,

    Will check it tomorrow as i was playing in the kids room with it, and just got kicked out..
  5. Lil_Dice

    Lil_Dice Member

    I am trying to follow the guide but I have a CCcam.cfg trial and I don't know what I need to do to change to to MGCam format. I am new and I don't want to mess things up. Can anyone help me out please. Cheers
  6. lancable

    lancable T K Veteran Forum Supporter

    easy option mate contact your provider as for cws line mate

    then start mgcamd and insert line in newcamd.list

    make sure you stop cccam firstfrom softcam manager
  7. micah__

    micah__ Member

    Can this be used on a ZGemma H5? Currently using iPab but would prefer to use this.
  8. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    No h2h only. Biohead I'm not sure if you have seen the forum change over thread but admin are having issues converting downloads so maybe best to re add your download to the download section.
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  9. morph1963

    morph1963 Member

    Can anyone provide the image scraper files please
  10. MrBluePlaydoh

    MrBluePlaydoh Zero Poster

    Thanks for the great guide but i think you have assumed we know how to do the part i have quoted, How do we check these and could it be edited into the OP please.
  11. oTangg

    oTangg Member

    Hi Biohead I flashed my H2H with your image ages ago, so as you can guess im on the old version with the old VM Skin, how do I go about upgrading to this new image. Can someone detail this to me, any help will be much appreciated!!!!
  12. Biohead

    Biohead Member

    Simply flash like last time! Make sure you have a copy of your line before you do though!
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  13. oTangg

    oTangg Member

    Hi Biohead can you please see http://imgur.com/a/pBXKe I have recently just flashed my box with your new image, it has now updated, I have followed all your steps and since I live in Bham I've used 41011 as the NetID, however, I cannot get a picture, the closest I can get is subtitles only! I have informed my line supplier and he says I am connecting to his server, so its not a problem with the line. I cant spot any errors in my settings, can you? Can someone detail any problems I have caused in the settings, any help will be much appreciated!!!! THANKS :)

    Edit: Ive also changed 'the provider to scan:' to Virgin Media UK 6952 it still does not work, refreshed multiple time, reset router etc...

    Last edited: Mar 13, 2017
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  14. oTangg

    oTangg Member

    Does anyone know how to save EPG to usb drive, or is it only to sd card and is it important to do so?
  15. MrBluePlaydoh

    MrBluePlaydoh Zero Poster

    Its important as you will need your EPG saved here is how -
    Menu>Setup>EPG>Settings>EPG Location. Then press left or right on the option to change to USB or SD
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  16. MrBluePlaydoh

    MrBluePlaydoh Zero Poster

    Better off downloading your line in mgcam format ask your supplier to send it as mgcam.
  17. oTangg

    oTangg Member

    Its now changed to 'media/sda1' from internal memory, is this correct?
  18. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    Yes. As long as not internal
  19. kilohydro

    kilohydro Member

    hi been using this image for a few weeks and it works great
    is there anyway to tune in the ROI sports channels on this image? as ive seen on other images they can
    with a country plugin is it avalible for this build?
    ive tried added the HorizonIE provider to ABM but they all wont scan and i just get a error
  20. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    If using sat in autobouqetesmaker goto configure and check include not indexed channels is yes Green to save then start scan.

    If cable only then no with cable you can only receive the channels for your netid area unlike sat you can receive any channels on 28.2E

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