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Buy a Zgemma H.2H at a discounted price

Discussion in 'Zgemma Star H.2H' started by zgemma-uk, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. giggsy

    giggsy Member

    is there a discount on h2s tried this code but didn't work

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  2. ob14

    ob14 Member

    Can I also get a password for the after sales support please, order number is #7926. Thanks.
  3. PinkPrincess

    PinkPrincess Member

    Hi just a quick question we are looking to upgrade from a skybox F5 is the Zgemma H.2H the latest box out in the Zgemma range ? thank you
  4. housefrog

    housefrog Member

    Great service h2h is a great box ;)
  5. mari0

    mari0 Member

    Can I get the password for the support forum please. Order ID 8408
    Thank you
  6. raligt

    raligt Member

    Can i have password for support forum order no. 8610
  7. Woolly

    Woolly Member

    When is the h2h back in stock
  8. zgemma-uk

    zgemma-uk FORUM SPONSOR Forum Supporter

    All Stock Is available it's just that we have a holiday on. Monday so nothing will be sent out should be all back. To normal Tuesday

    We have put a 2-3 days delays on Stock just so customers do not thing we are delaying orders for no reason

    Thank you
  9. Tonystark7

    Tonystark7 Member

    Had H2H on virgin only but need recording facility. very good box by the way well impressed. Have sold it as brought Xtrend ET8500 with 2 cable tuners. Will Zgemma be bringing a VM 2 tuner option out??? if yes when can we expect it. Also any plans for units with internal HDD ???


  10. vikstar100

    vikstar100 Member

    Thanks for delivery. can I have the support password please.

    order no #8826.

  11. marts

    marts Member

    hi there its says available for pre order what sort of delivery time is available on this
  12. zgemma-uk

    zgemma-uk FORUM SPONSOR Forum Supporter

    Only H2h is pre order all other modes are available

    Expecting h2h next week
  13. dillyp70

    dillyp70 PETER DILWORTH

    What you stuck on mate??
  14. Newts

    Newts Member

    Hi, bought a box direct, if I PM the order number can I get an access password?
  15. Boab1981

    Boab1981 Member

    Hi there, new to this and upgrading from android box... before i buy a box i only have vm in my house just now(moving shortly and installing a dish).... is it only the h2h boxes that work with vm signal ?
    Cheers boab
  16. zgemma-uk

    zgemma-uk FORUM SPONSOR Forum Supporter

    H2 and h2h
  17. Boab1981

    Boab1981 Member

    Thank you
  18. dazmcfc10

    dazmcfc10 Member

    Can i get password code please order 9445
  19. Gonch1980

    Gonch1980 Member


    Is the discount code still available, just tried it and its coming up '! Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached its usage limit!

  20. zgemma-uk

    zgemma-uk FORUM SPONSOR Forum Supporter

    Discount code is still valid and working fine, please register an account rather then checking out as a guest. any problems then please call us on the number on the site and we will be glad to help.