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Recommend a good cable pay server - request only 2017 exp - june 30

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by HiTeck, Feb 9, 2017.

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  1. gaelic-red

    gaelic-red Member

    Hi , looking for a line for Dublin area (virgin ie) for a zgemma h5.2tc not sure if it's a c or n line , cheers!
  2. kayedan

    kayedan Member

    Please can someone recommend a U.K. Vermin N line for my zgemma h5 & h2h? Thanks in advance
  3. bazwilson

    bazwilson Member


    I'm looking for a test line for VM ROI.
    Setting the father in law up with the Zgemma H2 this week before heading home. Any help with an Nline would be greatly appreciated.

  4. stevie8850

    stevie8850 Member

    Hi, newbie here, looking for a vm line i have zgemma h2h with ipab set up and looking for a reliable server if someone could point me in the right direction thanks
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  5. beechams

    beechams Member

    i have a zgemma h2h and i need a server could someone send me some prices, thanks
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  6. dounavilla

    dounavilla Member

    hi all , I'm looking for a vm line for Watford area. using zgemma with opvix image cline preferable.
    ideally looking for severr owner rather than re seller as current providers line has a lot of freezing.
    test line is a must. thanks
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  7. samiad

    samiad Member

    cable line required please
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  8. mickmc68

    mickmc68 Member

    i need a server could someone send me some prices, thanks
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  9. mark25970

    mark25970 Member

    Virgin test line wanted fed up with mine crashing thanks
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  10. CMorgan

    CMorgan Member

    Looking for a VM sub in Dublin using open av.test would be great.
  11. aldo560uk

    aldo560uk Member

    looking for a vermin test line for zgemma h2h please
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  12. jacklfc

    jacklfc Member

    Hi Looking for a vm sub for zgemma h2h
  13. tech1200

    tech1200 Member

    Hi guys, looking for a virgin test line. Any recommendations? Thanks

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  14. redarmyutd

    redarmyutd Member

    Hi there
    I need a VM line for my zgemma h2h
    24 hour test and prices please.
    Many thanks.
  15. raja310

    raja310 Member

    hi guys, looking for both sky and virgin lines for my h2h.

    i can see theres a lot of people asking the same, there must be someone who's known to be good?
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  16. Evilnoodle

    Evilnoodle Member

    Looking for a good nvm line, 24hr test please. Thanks
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  17. Kopnut

    Kopnut Member

    Hi there, Ditto !, need a test line for vm, all FTA channels up and running just need a vm test line if anyone could recommend a good'un ?
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  18. dizzyd1986

    dizzyd1986 Member

    Looking for vermin nline/cline Notts area for a mates zgemma current suppliers gone missing with 3 months left

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  19. Jonesy1927

    Jonesy1927 Member


    Had a line off slyvmgifts but all channels went black yesterday morning. He couldn't care less when I emailed him. He claimed it was my end. Tried a line from another supplier and that worked straight away no problem. I obviously need another line now as he wont try and sort the problem.

    N line needed thanks
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  20. Ged63

    Ged63 Member

    I'm looking for recommendations of IPTV suppliers for a Zgemma h2s.

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