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Scrapping IPTV - Going with BT TV

Discussion in 'IPTV Guides Support and Discussions' started by dt99, May 5, 2018.

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  1. joe516

    joe516 Registered

    dt99 said When you raise this with a supplier though all you get back is re-boot your box, re-boot your router, the channel is fine, the problem is at your end, it's your internet, it's your device

    100% m8 I agreeing with you dt99

    I have sky tv now m8 I have iptv for 3pm and bt and vod
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  2. teddybloat

    teddybloat Forum Supporter

    Find a good supplier. I've had to raise 2 tickets in 8 month's for outages. Here's their responses:

    They occasionally have planned outages, or raise their own problems on the forums examples:

    Now thats 3-4 instances in 8 months where uk channels haven't been available to me for an hour or so (although I've always had the option of non UK sources for sport). Mildly annoying, yes, and if it's your only source of family TV maybe really annoying g But I pay a fraction of the cost of a full sky + bt + pay per view package, and get a tonne of us and 3pm kickoffs that simply aren't available anywhere. And I only really use the TV for sport anyway.

    if i want 100% stability I can pay 100% of the cost of a sky sub and hope there's never a thunderstorm in the area.
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  3. dt99

    dt99 TK Veteran

    Ariana, I think he was agreeing with me!! Unless I read the comment from joe516 wrong??

    No, I agree. I get your point....but find a good supplier......how, this is my query. I have done trial after trial and I am no further on.

    All I get is the same old rubbish with the same old excuses. I know there is no benefit to you to share details of who you use and I don't expect you to, but surely you can see where I am coming from.

    I wish I only had issues as infrequent as you, but seriously it's pretty much every day.
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  4. gravehead

    gravehead TK Veteran

    Blimey dt99, I bet you didn't expect nearly 100 replies to you telling people that you are moving from IPTV to BT.
    Have people nothing better to do?
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  5. Pilf

    Pilf Registered

    This post has become a discussion on the virtues (or lack thereof) of IPTV which is pretty relevant to this board.

    dt99 has made his opinion quite clear and obviously his hard stance on the subject is going to generate discussion. There are people with contrary opinions and also people who make money from IPTV who are going to come on to have their say.

    I personally think the majority of IPTV isn’t quite there for a family TV solution which is what dt99 is after but some providers are more than adequate for viewing sports events, movies etc that the vast majority use it for.
  6. mbath

    mbath TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Perhaps peoples expectations are somewhat unreal. IPTV isn't perfect but try and compare the size and cost to something comparable. Trying to compare IPTV to the likes of Sky is pointless.

    From reading all the comments on here it's clear that a few users will 100% always believe that an issue can't possibly exist at their end. I'm not saying that would always be the case but acting like it's impossible is rubbish.
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  7. Ariana

    Ariana Registered

    I work in IT. I know what I'm doing in terms of networking. There are zero issues on my end I can assure you.
  8. formandvoid

    formandvoid TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    I totally understand dt99, IPTV can be a complete pain in the rear and I went through many suppliers myself and had many headaches before I found a good .All suppliers have had issues but good suppliers sort the issues out and keep you informed as to what the problem is.Unfortunatley there are a few suppliers out there that fob you off with various excuses and never fix the problem or expect you to fix it for them.
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  9. mbath

    mbath TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    In which case you should be used to restarting your equipment lol
  10. Ariana

    Ariana Registered

    My router is set to reboot at 5am every day.
  11. gravehead

    gravehead TK Veteran

    Read my post, it was tongue in cheek!
    What I meant was from such a plain and simple statement informing the forum ' Im moving from IPTV to BT' there are nearly 100 posts that has turned it into a hot topic, which I found surprising
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  12. dt99

    dt99 TK Veteran

    I know, I posted it originally as a general comment.....now it's turning into WW3. I guess it is a hot topic....I just wish some people wouldn't take it so personal, everyone is entitled to opinions. If you don't agree with me then fine, if we all agreed on everything the world would be boring.

    As it stands, I'm getting BT, Sky or Virgin.....just weighing up each of their deals, but if a miracle comes along and i get decent IPTV then so be it. Thanks for all the input from everyone.....let's just play nice. I am not criticising anyone.....even the people who did my subs....you know who you are, I am just describing my experiences.
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  13. mike123

    mike123 VIP Member

    It took me a good while to find a good supplier and i can honestly tell you i have had no issues it is just as good as the card sharing days. I can understand why people get frustrated.A good supplier will be able to help you with any issues. Things to think about.
    1. A decent router
    2 download speeds at least 10 meg
    3. the box you pick must of been designed for streaming
    4. a wired connection is a must
    5. make sure you are using the correct service app or iptv player your supplier will be able to help
    6 make sure internet security settings are turned off

    we watch all of tv via iptv and have no problems and i watched all the Newcastle games and PPV boxing events a choice of 30 usa ppv movie channels all in HD. plus the uk stuff and kids channels. VOD is no that good but i use terranium tv for box sets and new movies
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  14. dt99

    dt99 TK Veteran

    Ariana....in other words post in the request an IPTV supplier thread and wait for your inbox to be filled with endless promises from all the usual suspects
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  15. jclappi

    jclappi Registered

    With all due respect I think unless you're just very lucky, you'll get out as much as you put in with regards looking for an IPTV supplier.

    Lazily posting requests on forums is only ever going to get you resellers of a mixed bag of services so you're not going to get the support or information that you might need. Most are probably selling the same service renamed and you're trying it as if it's new. If my supplier had time to be trawling through forums offering trials I'd be pretty worried.

    If you put some actual effort into looking for what you want there are plenty of providers out there that can replicate the quality and (almost) the stability of cs. I've been with my provider now for a while and apart from an issue around Sept, when I looked for a backup they've been absolutely spot on but I have trialled quite a few as well.

    You have to be realistic with it though and things like when HD sports channels went form Virmin affected my provider because they use a local source so they lost the channels themselves (sd was never affected) they soon replaced them though. Also like with US / International channels for sport, they're sourced from elsewhere so chances are they might go down sometimes, they relied on LeSports for Prem coverage and that went bust so they had to find a replacement etc. Apart from things like that though it's absolutely fine, all UK channels are local so they are solid and good quality.

    Like others have said, find somebody that has invested time and effort into things like Android apps / epg if your using an e2 box or even the VOD, because chances are if they have done these things then they are interested in sticking around and actually providing a decent service
  16. dt99

    dt99 TK Veteran

    I get what you mean, but please give me an example of how to find a supplier like this then, you say not to post on a request forum, it's best not to use someone who advertises online, so how are you supposed to find someone?

    What next, stand on the street with a big sign saying IPTV provider wanted?

    So how do you find one then?

    Dont be lazy and just post on a request forum.
    Dont use anyone who advertises online
    Dont ask anyone who they use
    Dont mention IPTV as it's illegal.

    Surely the only way to find a decent one is to know someone personally who does it?
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  17. mbath

    mbath TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    If a seller/provider or whatever was reading this I reckon they would give at least a couple of the posters here a wide berth. You guys should just go down the legal route and quit your moaning. You want the earth for little money in my opinion.
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  18. pabloescaban

    pabloescaban TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    There are many different customers of IPTV.
    Someone who wants it for movies, 3pm and sports will have little trouble finding a decent supplier.
    Another wants it for 'Dmax+1 HD' and 'Made In Birmingham' is gonna be sorely disappointed even if they both have the same supplier
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  19. Ariana

    Ariana Registered

    Not sure why my posts were deleted?

    All I said was its easier to buy more illegal stuff than IPTV than it is to buy IPTV....
  20. stuss

    stuss TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Keep looking I suppose. And don't give up.. There are suppliers who genuinally help there customers .
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