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SkyQ Skin

Discussion in 'OpenVIX | OpenATV Skins' started by Chabs, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. leights

    leights Member

    I've uploaded the working versions to this site too for anyone that needs them.

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  2. Mattabrown

    Mattabrown Member

    Can't get picons and preview picons linked to my iptv sub how do a link them up
  3. mpeg

    mpeg Member

    I have ftp the new set into /usr/ script (running vix image ) still nothing , just to clarify , it is the pics with the eyes that i am trying to replace with this operation ?
    i have set cron timers to run @ set times & instruction i have used is /usr/script/SkyQScrape.sh & Picks for the other .
    Sorry to pester , but as i said before , this bit is like the final piece of a very good puzzle.
  4. akin200

    akin200 Member

    The instructions are prefined, you should see it automatically if you had done everything right. Like moving the two sh. to scripts from script. The change permission to 775. Also you need to enter movie selection to component and screen.
  5. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    Running vix it needs to be in scripts not script

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  6. mpeg

    mpeg Member

    Ok i will move from script to scripts , permission 775 ? not sure on this or the other movie selection to screen & component , if you could advise i am enjoying the challenge, thanks in anticipation.
  7. mpeg

    mpeg Member

    i have finally sorted it , thanks for those who pointed me in the right direction.
  8. twalbiee

    twalbiee Member

    Does anyone have the orignal scripts please as the revised one isnt updating sky sports pick and im sorry to all Man UTD fans but i cant look at that for the forseeable future. Or just point me in the right direction and i'll grab them if chabs is watchng please. Regards Mark
  9. motahed

    motahed Member

    :thumbsup: Thanks so much for that, I now have Toppicks previews in my epg changing after months of looking at Blacklist & Man Utd etc etc. Didn't even realise they should change until I found this thread Doh!. Sorted!
  10. lifestoshort

    lifestoshort Member

    hi all

    i have successfully installed the SKYQ skin which looks great however can someone please advise me how i can edit this so it looks better... I need to set it so the program description is smaller and the the channel list displays the full channel name. at the moment I can see the channel name and not the program also the channel icons are not displayed not sure if i need to download anything or change settings.
    Please advise this skin looks great.
  11. stephen4144

    stephen4144 Member

    Hi new to this just downloaded the new skin pure class !!
    Trying to do the picons followed everything cant get them to come up at all could you help me please anyone
    Ihave a vu duo 2
    Any help would be great thanks
  12. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    If you are using ABM you can basically download the picons file and extract it to your USB and it should just work. If you are using AB E2 it is a bit more of a headache to get going with a lot of faffing.
  13. stephen4144

    stephen4144 Member

    Sorry for being stupid abm or ab e2?
  14. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    You are not being stupid if you don't know. My fault for presuming you knew, sorry.

    AutoBouquet E2 and AutoBouquetMaker

    AutoBouquet E2 (ABE2) by default uses srp picons
    AutoBouquetMaker (ABM) by default uses SNP picons.

    The SkyQ picons are in SNP format so work with ABM, in theory, instantly.

    SNP - service name picons
    SRP - service reference picons

    Using the SNP version means less maintenance and fewer picons/links. Service references change more frequently than names. There are several channel 4 services, one SNP works for all of them.
  15. mpeg

    mpeg Member

    Where do i get movie selection from ?
  16. Shyless

    Shyless Member

    Loaded the skin looks good but for the life of me I can't work out how to get them big ass images of shows etc as part of the layout. I know it got something to do with them Sh files so I ftp them into scripts folder didn't edit any of the text inside the files, changed the permission. I then went to cron timer and added them both auto start running. But I still can't get it to look like the picture below.

    Someone mentioned this in this thread somewhere "Also you need to enter movie selection to component and screen". I have no clue what that means. Any help would be appreciated.

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  17. lifestoshort

    lifestoshort Member

    Hi, silly question but did you reboot the box after copying the files over?

    I had similar problem a reboot fixed the problem.

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  18. Shyless

    Shyless Member

    Was you using openvix image because thats what I'm currently on. Yeah I have rebooted. Do I need to change any of the two files that go into Usr/scripts folder?
  19. lifestoshort

    lifestoshort Member

    Yes I'm using openvix, let me check wen I get home, the files I used were towards the end of the forum, il send you the link.

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  20. Shyless

    Shyless Member

    I finally got the skin to look correct but I'm still having issues getting the pics to change on the layout especially the game of thrones one. I have two folders script and scripts. I moved the two sch files over to the scripts folder and changed permission to 755. I then did hourly times for both files in cron timer. But still no change. I know I'm missing something important. Im using openvix.

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