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Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by xyxy, May 16, 2015.

  1. FixitFelix

    FixitFelix Member

    anyone got a bouquets/channel list for vermin ireland and sly theyd like to help a guy out with?
  2. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    Use ABM to generate two bouquets one will be sky the other virgin. If you mean a mix of channels in one have a look here but you will need to edit the providers and channel numbers https://github.com/davesayers2014/A...uetsMaker/custom/sat_282_sky_uk_CustomMix.xml If you need more help start a new thread and I'll try to help you
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  3. xyxy

    xyxy Member

    I'm baaaaaaaaaack. Just got my Virmin installed. Trying Amiko A4 box. got almost every channel apart from Sky Sports 1 HD, Sky Sports 4HD, Sky Sports5HD, Sky News HD, Sky Arts HD, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, Comedy Extra and Cartoonito. If anyone has a freq for these, please share.
  4. alan36

    alan36 Member

    Is that an Irish line
  5. xyxy

    xyxy Member

    Yep, an Irish line it is. Going through my records an waiting for original Virmin box to arrive to get more info. I'll share my bouquets as soon as I'm satisfied with them. Spark2 box is a bit different from Engima2 boxes I'm used to

    I've noticed loads of posts in this thread asking for line, we have a dedicated thread for that here http://www.techkings.org/threads/re...-server-request-only-2017-exp-june-30.117868/
  6. FixitFelix

    FixitFelix Member

    I used spark years ago on an amiko alien and never liked it and found it very unstable, but if say it's improved by now

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  7. xyxy

    xyxy Member

    Spark2 feels like Engima2 ******* son. Really awkward. Though I like how Amiko A4 scans all frequencies and find most channels itself.
    Staying on Virmin Ireland topic, looks like I'll get all channels soon and my original box is on the way also
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  8. xyxy

    xyxy Member

    Information from VM Ireland activation codes support page and VM Digital box setup screen:
    Locality / Network ID / Home Frequency
    Swords/Malahide : 43216 : 290000
    Cork City : 43216 : 290000
    Dublin City/Leixlip/Maynooth/Celbridge/Balbriggan : 43217 : 291000
    Newcastle/Ashbourne/Rush : 43230 : 258000
    Clonmel/Thurles : 43226 : 340000
    Galway City : 43218 : 291000
    Co. Galway (Including West Clifden) : 43231 : 250000
    Mayo : 43225 : 340000
    Limerick/Shannon : 43220 : 324000
    Sallins/Naas/Newbridge : 43220 : 324000
    Waterford City : 43219 : 291000
    Co. Waterford : 43231 : 250000
    Ballina : 43225 : 340000
    Ballina* : 43231 : 250000
    Enniscorthy/Kildare/Portarlington/Tullamore : 43223 : 340000
    Slane/Trim : 43224 : 290000
    Carlow/Mullingar/Portlaoise/Navan/Kilkenny : 43226 : 340000
    Athlone : 43226 : 340000
    Sligo : 43226 : 340000
    Charlesland: 43217 :291000
    Drogheda : 43226 : 340000
    Dundalk : 43226 : 340000

    Looks like Symbol Rate is 6875 and Modulation QAM is 64 for all localities. Your search should find 235 TV channels and 30 Radio channels.
    Update: original box search finds duplicate channels, NET ID search finds 204 channels including some data channels.
    Update2: latest VM Ireland bouquets uploaded

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  9. jdsour

    jdsour Member

    Howdy, looked far a while for all the picons, have a set of .png files but they don't look right, have seen them here before but cant for the life of me find them. Any help if much appreciated
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  10. xyxy

    xyxy Member

    Tag me when you've found Virmin IE picons
  11. hedges2016

    hedges2016 Member

  12. jdsour

    jdsour Member

  13. I have put a vm line in my amiko a3 combo but all my channels r scrambled any info for me ??
  14. I'm in Cork by the way might need new frequencies
  15. Willo3092

    Willo3092 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Don't know if you're aware but the HMP combo hybrid tuner only supports 1080i.
    If you have it on 1080p that may be why it's freezing.
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  16. chrisc1982

    chrisc1982 Member

    Yes I have on that setting, it was freezing very bad on cccam 2.3.0 and I had to switch the box off but since switching to Oscam it doesn't freeze
  17. FixitFelix

    FixitFelix Member

    Anyone have correct oscam files for running sat and cable, have installed them and entered my details but only sat side working.


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  18. chrisc1982

    chrisc1982 Member

    What is your Oscam user setting
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  19. I haven't a clue
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  20. chrisc1982

    chrisc1982 Member

    Oscar config
    nice = -1
    logfile = stdout
    preferlocalcards = 1

    enabled = 1
    user = dvbapiuser
    boxtype = none
    au = 1
    pmt_mode = 0

    httpport =
    httpuser =
    httppwd =
    httprefresh = 10
    httpallowed = -

    Oscam user
    user = dvbapiuser
    group = 1
    uniq = 0
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