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Dedicated Image Section, only for Pc/Laptop machine related tutorials.

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  1. ste
    RX Power should be between -6 and -10 so they're within range, RxMER should be around 37-38 so that's in range and for upstream, Tx Power should be between +23-54 so that's within range too so...
  2. greenkeeper
    And they do trials
  3. greenkeeper
    Hi I just installed IPTV on a zgemma h2s and all the channels are back up and running including a lot I didn't have on it before its really easy to acquire and install . go to IPTV web site and...
  4. grahamkieran
    I have internet speed of 3.6 a z.gemma box would like a trial can you help please
  5. bjammin
    @akbarirfan any more info on this please? does this fix missing channels? my mate has this and got all channels back

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