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  1. Fiddycr7
    Hi I have a zgemma h2h set up with wooshbuild v6 but the softcams plugins do not download give me this error plz help
  2. Inabit66
    Sorry m8 didn't look at pics.Yours is different to mine
  3. Inabit66
    @Gola Lad you normally put your IP address in then click telnet and connect.login root press enter then copy and paste a script into it.Thats how I done mine anyway m8
  4. siilver
    Or telenet grab -d -j 100 /tmp/shot1.jpg You can change the location if you want
  5. pabloescaban
    Had to use masking tape because A) i couldn't find any insulation tape, and B) I don't own any duck tape :thumbsup: It was either masking tape or brown parcel tape...it's gonna be in a skip on...

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