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  1. pabloescaban
    if your line had expired, you'd still be able to scan for channels, the fact you can't means the box isn't connected to the cable, either VM or the splitter has cut the connection
  2. pabloescaban
    @scottijones ok. I've had 8 splitters in 10 years because they all stopped working
  3. scottijones
    Im using a triac full frequencey splitter and have been for years. This is a new thing that has just happened and ive lost every channel
  4. pabloescaban
    @scottijones Either the cable isn't connected to the box, or the poor splitter will act as a break in the cable. Try a Labgear splitter from Screwfix, or get a Tratec or Technetix, almost all...
  5. scottijones
    @pabloescaban my box has now all channels and when I rescan I get nothing and abm fails to connect. Any thoughts?

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