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Technology - Gadgets

Hover boards, drones, flying cars and stuff like that.

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  1. pabloescaban
    Had to use masking tape because A) i couldn't find any insulation tape, and B) I don't own any duck tape :thumbsup: It was either masking tape or brown parcel tape...it's gonna be in a skip on...
  2. Gola Lad
    Trying to install iptv on my Zgamma H2S using Putty. I type the code i got from iptv. it all stops at that point. What am i doing wrong.
  3. bigwayne1976
    format a usb stick to fat 32,put the zip build onto usb and extract there,turn off box insert usb power it up,it may flash on its own or it may not,if it says flash/update just hit the power...
  4. slats
    @greenkeeper yes they do trials
  5. mingy82
    weres best to get iptv from

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