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Seen anything on Facebook or in Groups, Post it here. We like a laugh.

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  1. patrocky
    send me step by step staining please
  2. patrocky
    hi friends anyone help me my zgeema H7C box only sky channel come but is not tuning for virgin is tuning fatel is workin fine before but some how I press or not but gos wrong and my all virgin...
  3. Carl Pheling
    need a good ipab sub please
  4. roberts10003
    @Inabit66 hi there can you help me i have the iptv app installed on my lg smart tv but don't have no channels can you give me the codes so I can get some channels please
  5. Fiddycr7
    Hi I have a zgemma h2h set up with wooshbuild v6 but the softcams plugins do not download give me this error plz help

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