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Grogbuild ATV 6.1 cable only build for H5.2tc, H7C and H4

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by grog68, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. stag14

    stag14 Member

    Morning all, Ive recently updated and installed new Grogbuild (manually done as 1st time) - this to resolve glitch channels, sound issue and narration. All seems good with the download, new skin etc. When I come to re-enter my line (newcam) I have put in, however do not seem to either a) find the correct cam I am supposed to select (which is this?) or b) i'm not doing this right? (likely!)

    I am receiving all FTA channels and can see all VM channels with times etc...just will not load.

    Help greatly appreciated.


  2. v15h44l

    v15h44l Member

    I have a zgemma h2h and H5.2tc. Can anyone tell me how I can configure those boxes for IPTV?
  3. chefdemarlon

    chefdemarlon Member

    Hi guys was just wondering if anyone could help ive updated to lastest build and i cant seem to get picons ive double chevked mounts and when looking in dream explorer it doesnt seem to create a picon folder ive tried reinstalling my usb any help would be appreciated cheers
  4. littlebilly1

    littlebilly1 Member

    I’ve arranged a 12 month sub for eyeptv now channels are vanishing, but my supplier said he doesn’t supply a guide for my box, can any1 point me to where I need to look to set it up on My H4 please?
  5. Antisocial80

    Antisocial80 Member

    I know this might seem like a silly question but ive lost a few channels and I don't know if I can use the service search function incase I lose all the working channels that are left. Also I was going to use the online flash but I have XtreamTV installed. If I flash online will I lose this and have to reinstall?
  6. RamaTech

    RamaTech Member

    This build worked an absoulte treat! Thank you for all your hard work mate.

    I was getting narrative over everyones channels and it was doing everyones heads in!

    I backed up my old settings before flashing this image. Do I need to restore them now? I manually entered my line in the newcamdlist and all seems to be working great. I just dont have channel logos?

    Thanks again for your excellent work! I so much appreciate it :)