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Guide How to set up a Blade Media BM5000s

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM5000s' started by bees, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Your name has gone blue so you can do it now

    SCOTCHKDY Member

    Latest firmware

    Hi Bees,

    Ive downloaded the latest Sept firmware but the file reads 240414 is this file correct?
    I would expect the file name to show the sept date the description


  3. abidhussain

    abidhussain Member

    Thanks, had my box up and running in no time :)
  4. gronkle72

    gronkle72 Member

    H i am new to the site and having read through the threads for setting up I feel I am now ready to give it a try. Thanks
  5. gronkle72

    gronkle72 Member

    All scrambled

    I think I was a little optomistic with my last post.

    To explain I have a Blade 5000, which has been running fine for 18 months. Ten the guy who I got it off and who used to reset it when the site he was using went down has stopped doing them.
    At first I thought I would just use it as a FTA viewer and went into settings and factory reset the box. I guess this was my big mistake, because now having found this site I thought I would try and recover it.
    I have followed the first part of the instructions and re installed the .ssu file and have searched the satellites to recover the programs, but I do not understand the bit about puting a cline in.

    I have opened the menue pressed 9991 and found the screen that shows the Newcamd Config and Cccam Config page and know how to go into either to change the values, but what do I type and where.

    Can anyone help

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  6. lloffty5

    lloffty5 Member

    have you got a cline or nline. you will need to know how to break it down into its seperate parts in order to enter the info in 9991 menu manually , if you follow bees guide that's pretty good at getting the box set up and also explains both methods of entering said info onto box,
  7. bees

    bees VIP Member

    You need to pay a server for a line to keep the $ channels clearing.

    You can post a request here

    Buy for about a month at a time until you know you are happy with the service, if you are not, move to another, then extent for longer periods as it's a bit cheaper
  8. pinklady

    pinklady Member

    Hi. Can someone help plz. Bought a line for bm5000s tried going through instructions on here. But when ave opened config page and pasted my line on to it an saved to USB it says are you sure to upgrade when I say yes it says update fail. What am I doing wrong?? Driving me crazy. Tia
  9. gronkle72

    gronkle72 Member

    I find it easier to add my line manually by going into menue then pressing 9991 on the remote. Scroll down to ccand press enter and enter details and save
  10. Mawdsk

    Mawdsk Member

    Blade released new firmware in March 2016, will the Sept 9991 firmware work if the Blade Box has the March 2016 firmware loaded?

  11. lloffty5

    lloffty5 Member

    if its official firmware and you flash it to your box then no, sept 9991 will not work.just leave sept 9991 on
  12. Mawdsk

    Mawdsk Member

    Thanks, so the box should have the official firmware from August 2015 for the Sept 9991 to work?
  13. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Has your box come with March 2016 pre loaded ?

    If it has I would try this,

    Try to flash the Sept 9991 version, if you get any errors

    Flash the official Sept 14 firmware then flash the 9991 version.
  14. jacko17

    jacko17 Member

    Hi, i've got a blade 5000 neo, i've flashed the firmware successfully but when i try to enter 9991 it says invalid channel. Any ideas?

  15. Mawdsk

    Mawdsk Member

    Have you selected menu screen before inputting 9991
  16. jacko17

    jacko17 Member

    That's what i wasn't doing thanks alot. With the 7000s you don't have to do that.

  17. tbeno123

    tbeno123 Member

    Thanks for the guide op worked a treat for me, just wondering can you use MgCamd Lines on the Blade BM5000s? Im doubting you can as it only says N Lines and C Lines but thought it was worth an ask
    Again thanks for the help otherwise
  18. apang1

    apang1 Member

    I have a second hand BMS5000s, the CCCam has expired as it was obtained from someone else. If I get a new one, is it easy enough to just input the new C line into the CCCam config file, or do I need to update the firmware as well?
  19. liamt

    liamt Member

    Just press 9991 on your remote and enter the line. Probably the easiest box when to put a line on
  20. testytest1

    testytest1 Member

    Cheers mate, great guide