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Recommend a good cable pay server - request only 2017 exp - june 30

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by HiTeck, Feb 9, 2017.

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  1. jimmy5bellies

    jimmy5bellies Member

    Hi All,

    Looking for the best vm cable line for west of Glasgow please.

  2. bevster69uk

    bevster69uk Member

    N line required for VM in Liverpool.

    Looking for a couple of days test line with prices for 12 month subscription as current line is due to expire in a month and has been very glitchy lately.

    Long time members only please and no resellers.

  3. resendre62

    resendre62 Member

    Looking for a good reliable VM line for V8 golden.
  4. williwilk

    williwilk Member

    Looking for a VM line needs to be 100% glitch free as i am ready to pull my hair out with the line ive already bought.

  5. d4t1983

    d4t1983 Member


    Cable N line required (Brighton area)

    Must be from long time member and no resellers

    Test line required first please

    Thanks in advance.
  6. johnf1

    johnf1 Member

    Hi. Im looking for UK cable N line. Thanks in advance
  7. meat81

    meat81 Member

    Hi Guys, I have a h2s box 12 month free gift has ended. Looking for a new one South Wales area.
    Many thanks
  8. Shanna78

    Shanna78 Member

    After a good reliable freeze free virgin nline please,Thanks
  9. skippy1955

    skippy1955 Member

    Looking for c line pm me

    Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
  10. Alan__H

    Alan__H Member

    Need an N line for Vermin. Current line great on sport/movies but stuttering on music/E4 etc
    Would like a test first.
  11. Aussy

    Aussy Member

    looking for a vm test line thats really good plus price for 12months thanks plymouth area
  12. bobwaite

    bobwaite Member

    sly line price
  13. Fozibhoy

    Fozibhoy Member


    Looking for a couple of lines from a relaible reputable provider for two H2H boxes.

    Needs to be Newcamd. Prefer 24 hr test period before purchase.

  14. sturtmethven

    sturtmethven Member

    looking for a good stable c line glasgow
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  15. Eddington

    Eddington Member

    Line required in Warwickshire, test for 24 hours first please
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  16. connolly72

    connolly72 Member

    looking for vm dublin
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  17. brucelee3

    brucelee3 Member


    need vm uk, test line would be great first then 12 month sub.

    have zgemma h2h
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  18. Tanglefoot

    Tanglefoot Member


    Looking for a reliable nline for H2H, VM Manchester.

    Test line would be good and a 12 month sub price.

    Cheers Guys.
  19. hulkster1974

    hulkster1974 Member

    looking for a stable c line for vm south wales Cardiff area.
  20. County

    County Member

    ;)Morning all
    Looking for a new NLINE server for the end of the month, any recommendations?
    North Lancashire area.
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