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Mikey B OpenAtv 6.1 Support Thread

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by mikeyb123, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. meadow24

    meadow24 Member

    Yes i ended up changing region to virgin media uk( telewest) it was set on virgin media (all systems) then scan it found all channels in about 10mins dont know how you can do it in a minuet though
    Box running great
  2. danny1404

    danny1404 Member

    i sold my box to my mate with this image on and everything was fine now i have set it up at his house but the epg says n/a on the left hand side when i press up on the remote? Any ideas anyone?
  3. bugaloo41

    bugaloo41 Member

    Is it the same region mate? I would rescan using ABM and update config files before doing so and let the epg load naturally after that.
  4. chicop

    chicop Member

    ive set this up on my box and works fine, trying for a mate however everytime i select mgcam its say no ecm info. press restart but same message appears. I have placed both the files in the var/key folder, restarted the box about 10 times. Ive done the same to my box and works fine just dont understand what i could be doing wrong? the line is working as i was updating his old box.

    can someone help me please ?
  5. bugaloo41

    bugaloo41 Member

    So you have saved and then transferred your mates mg_cfg and newcamd.listfiles to usr/keys/ of his box. It should therefore be a case of:

    blue button > softcam > softcam panel > ok > make sure select cam 1 is changed to to mgcamd_1.38r1 by pressing right arrow key on remote > press green button to restart and your line should kick in.

    If that doesnt work make sure your network is set up properly but if you have ftp`d to the box that should be ok

    blue button > network > network interface > ok and make sure its working. If its not just go back and use network wizard to set it up.

    Check all connections including ethernet cable is securely fitted to the box.
  6. chicop

    chicop Member

    Nice one Mate, All up and running

    Thank you
  7. Pintpot

    Pintpot Member

    Hi Mike,
    Great build loaded no problem very easy to get up and running thanks.
    Just one question is it possible to change the boot picture Frozen and happy Christmas in Jan!!
  8. Pintpot

    Pintpot Member

    Hi Mikey,
    Great build flashed no problem easy to setup and get running.
    Is there any way to change the boot up screen Merry Christmas in Jan!!
    But once again thanks for a great build.
  9. bugaloo41

    bugaloo41 Member

    You can change to an ATV bootlogo by pressing menu > plugins > green button> install bootlogo plugin then choose one via plugins and restart your GUI.
  10. Pintpot

    Pintpot Member

    All sorted thanks
  11. xero50

    xero50 Member

    I am having an issue with OpenATV 6,1 on a Zgemma H5.2S. It is just being used just for IPTV.
    The problem is with navigating certain areas in the EPG - In the 'normal broadcast channel' Bouquets everything is fine and it behaves as expected allowing navigation down the channel lists within the bouquet, but when in any of the VOD Bouquet sections, it is not possible to navigate down through the lists - ie, the down-arrow (or any of the arrows for that matter) do not respond.
    If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on that, I'd be most grateful......
  12. manmilk04

    manmilk04 Member

    Can anyone shed any light on this. I updated a zgemma star LC to the latest openatv 20180118
    got it up and running and I still have the narrator on the channels, I thought the update was supposed to
    sort all this out?
  13. bugaloo41

    bugaloo41 Member

    Is that on vm channels mate or satellite? Open atv and abm definitely sorted the narration issue on vm. However if you also use freesat i have noticed some of the channels use the narration as default. Easy fix though by pressing audio and choosing alternative audio available. You can adjust the audio settings in setup but that doesnt resolve all the narration on freesat.
  14. manmilk04

    manmilk04 Member

    Its on VM channels mate, I dowloaded the latest openatv this evening and flashed that on box and its totaly different, you have to set it up as its loading im totaly lost now, i just need a image that will go on with the VM skin and set it up from there, my head is battered here.
  15. bugaloo41

    bugaloo41 Member

    I dont have an LC mate but I cant see how that OATV wouldnt have fixed the audio issue. Did you use ABM to set up and scan in your channels?

    Why not use an image like ipab which seems to support the LC. All the instructions are on their site.
  16. manmilk04

    manmilk04 Member

    I ran ABM scan and restarted gui, still had voice over, I will check that ipab site and give it a go, thanks.

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