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Mikey B OpenAtv 6.1 Support Thread

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by mikeyb123, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. bugaloo41

    bugaloo41 Registered

    skin change is menu > setup > usage & gui > skin setup > and you can use a new skin by moving to your choice and pressing green button to save. Not convinced that will change your bootloading speed though.

    If you want to save anything to your usb you should wipe it clean and then plug it back into your box so that you dont have any zgemma folder. You can then plug it in the back of the box and set up the drive by pressing blue button > mounts > device manager > and then use right arrow on remote to change to usb hdd or whatever you prefer.

    You can then save you epg (changing you epg ettings from internal) and you can ftp the picons to your hdd as well.
  2. king jibberz

    king jibberz Registered

    hi guys i have flashed with mikeys openatv image from vix because of audio desc and sound issues and i cant get my line working i have set up the tuner and net id and ftp newcamd.list to usr/keys and in select cam 1 on box i have mgcamd_1.38r1 and cam 2 no cam. i press green to start and im getting only free to air. been at this for hours now and cant figure it out. it says in softcam panel no new ecm info also. any help will be much appreciated :)
  3. cactikid

    cactikid VIP Member

    2 files are needed in usr/keys and they are newcamd.list and mg_cfg
  4. king jibberz

    king jibberz Registered

    after trying for hours i just got it working by pressing yellow button which is refresh in the softcam panel and all of a sudden everything come on. thanks for quick response anyway:thumbsup::)
  5. gmanpanthro

    gmanpanthro TK Veteran

    Just had to flash this onto a h1 and have to say its the most unfinished image ive had the pleasure to flash/work with.

    Nothing is presetup and important files are missing. There is no mg_cfg and no blank newcamd.list or cccam.cfg files.

    There are unnecessary plugins installed like autobouqets e2, emc media center, epg refresh and those that are required havent even been setup. So those who are so clued up will have to try and set it all up themselves.

    Abm, epg-importer, cache flush, are just blank nothing setup at all.

    Usually i can flash and be up and running in 10 mins. Took me 2.5 hours due to shoddy image and extremely slow box (H1)

    ASHHBI TK Veteran

    Usually i can flash and be up and running in 10 mins.

    So why didn’t you?

    Bit disingenuous of you. Mikeyb is just trying to help. Some ready made images are better for some people than others. Horses for courses as they say.
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  7. gmanpanthro

    gmanpanthro TK Veteran

    Didnt i make myself clear enough. Plugins installed that are just not needed, so need removed. Those that are needed are either not setup or badly setup. Eg epgimporter isnt set to scan daily, and doesnt even have the sources for uk xmltv preselected.

    Silly settings put into place that just dont make any sense, eg alternative numbering in the channel selection screen is set to yes, so when u go into each bouquet the channels start at number 1 again [emoji44]

    And he never even bothered to delete all the german and italian etc preinstalled bouquets that come with a fresh install of openatv.

    Just absolutely shoddy and unfinished. Seems very rushed and untested.
  8. bugaloo41

    bugaloo41 Registered

    Your box must be chronically slow bud if it takes 2.5 hours to remove a few plugins and setup an image that requires little more than a few tweaks to get you up and running. Mikey B posted all the instructions to setup the image in his download link and there are a significant number of users, me included, here who are grateful that he took the time to share his hard work. It only took me about 10 minutes to set it up to be honest.

    Once you get your image built post it up and I am sure others will appreciate your hard work.
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  9. gmanpanthro

    gmanpanthro TK Veteran

    It wasnt my box, it was a friends who i was flahing it over teamviewer for. They have a H1 box, first time ive used one, but takes about 5 mins just to fully boot up.
  10. fest81

    fest81 Registered

    Having problems getting my nline to work i've followed the instructions and set up the area code, bouquets etc and have loaded up my line details selected mgcamd_1.38r1 and restarted but just get a flashing message at the bottom saying no new ecm info.

    The free to air channels are working fine so i know i've done something wrong at some point.

    I'd appreciate any help you could give me.
  11. bugaloo41

    bugaloo41 Registered

    Follow the details in post #224 mate http://www.techkings.org/threads/mikey-b-openatv-6-1-support-thread.134719/page-12 you will be up and running in no time.
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  12. fest81

    fest81 Registered

    Thanks for that channels are up and running. I'm now having problems with the epg only some of the channels are showing the guide. I'm not sure why its only showing up for certain channels.

    Again any help would be appreciated.
  13. bugaloo41

    bugaloo41 Registered

    See Mikeys post #109 below

    press green button go to EPGimporter change to enable set a time for it to refresh IE 7:00 or something then go down to import after booting up and change to always... go to bottom load long description up to x days and change 5 to 7.. then press blue button = sources go to bottom of list you will see Rytec UK Sat/Virgin XMLTV press ok the list will expand press ok button on all 6 so they are green ticked
    uk/Ireland-freesat (xz)
    uk/Ireland-Fta (xz)
    uk/Ireland-international (xz)
    uk/Ireland-Sky 1 (live on sat) (xz)
    uk/Ireland-Sky 2 (Dead on sat) (xz)
    uk/Ireland-sports/movies (xz)

    save press green to save again go back EPGimpoter and press yellow button = manual it will start importing epg give it about 10 mins to import all
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  14. gazman32

    gazman32 Registered

    Where do u place your newcamd file and do I need to do anything to get it to read it

  15. leyther

    leyther Registered

    See post #303

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  16. vadhert

    vadhert Registered

    Hi all and happy new year.

    I installed Mikey B OpenATV 6.1 v2 a couple of weeks ago and it worked flawlessly.

    Since then been away for christmas and now the display on the box is just flashing and when its loaded, None of the channels work except the non HD FTA ones.

    Any ideas what this could be?

    Thanks in advance
  17. Pauliep

    Pauliep Registered

  18. Yas85

    Yas85 Registered

    Anyone else having issues on groc build on h2h?
    When I'm fast forwarding a recorded show, it freezes the box and then I have to turn box off and on from mains to make it work again..Thanks
  19. meadow24

    meadow24 Registered

    Ive put my net id in doing a scan after about 1 hour its on 10% and found 11 channels that cant be right
  20. bugaloo41

    bugaloo41 Registered

    Its not right. It takes about 60 seconds to scan both cable and sat if you have set up ABM correctly. Have you followed the guide in downloads section?